Friday 23 June 2023

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House dub-jazz funk with French vocal vibes; yes, Colour & Pitch's new release is a crowd pleaser of the highest order.

Sen-Sei (originally outta Brooklyn) has joined forces with Jason 'Let Me Do It' Merle (San Francisco) to translate 'Traduire' in two versions, 'Original' (that's pretty dubby with French vocals) and a 'French Filter Mix' (that's even hyperdubby with French airport lounge vocals).

As you look out over the horizons (as per the cover photo), this will take you onto another level.

Expected to be on the Colour & Pitch Sessions monthly mix with Sumsuch - always an essential listen.

Artist: Sen-Sei & Jason Merle 

Title: Traduire EP

Release date: 23rd June, 2023

Label: Colour and Pitch

Catalog Number: CAP085


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