Friday 9 June 2023

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If you're new to the combination fo Bright & Findlay, check ou the review of the second single 'NY Disco (Smile)' (see HERE).

And if a fan, you've been waiting for this album's other ten tracks since the first single, 'Fireflies' came out at the beginning of the year.

The big hitters like, 'Fireflies' and 'Tigers Roar' are in a dreamed out Hall & Oates meets Talc (see review HERE) but the opus here is 'Slow Dance' that gets ya beach Balearic deck chairs out a some free and easy cool breezin'.

The album is full of 'big hitters' like the most recent single, ''When I Look Into The World' (includes some whistle of a Morricone quality and some clippy hand claps that hang on the bed of some big strings and competing trumpet 'n' guitar - backed by a video full of 1971 Ibiza - sounds like a winner to me), the sub funky 'Flowers' and 'Everthing Is Slow' that is not as slow as the bluesy, 'It's Only Rain'.

I suspect there's more singles here that will get this duo even more attention; and that's before any remixes - more dub on 'Space & Time' please, or even Leee John! We'll that's what I'm imagining along with our favourites, The Flying Burritio Bros of course.

Artist: Bright & Findlay

Title: Everything Is Slow

Release date: 9th June, 2023

Label: Athens Of The North

Cat. No: AOTNLP065

Format: Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp


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