Wednesday 14 June 2023

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Marcus is back, T.O.E is back, lies never really went away but get in early with the radio edit of 'Lies' that's out today!

Marcus and T.O.E are back from what you might ask?  Well, Marcus was last on the I75 (with the Motor City Hustlers  - see review HERE) and before that, there was the "modern classic", 'Say It Loud EP' with T.O.E (see link HERE) (both on Ramrock Red Records).

But this is a bit different in that there's more Latin disco, space synth boogie and touch of the Hall & Oates backing vocals.

Perfect for the summer groovin' season and lets hope there's a proper 12" with more guitar solo and  instrumental versions to be made available.

For more Tangential Music, check out the link below for latest show on 1BTN with Lee Bright, it's always worth a listen (or more than one)


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