Friday 9 June 2023

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The blue side of Ramrock returns with something that is a little bit of a surprise as it belongs in the long hot summer campfires of a Balearic coastline disco.

Yes, they've done it again, as we find EESKEA as a new project of Petar Dundov, Ilija Rudman (who both have decades of house/disco/beach/Croatian sea breeze vibes experience behind them) and Yannah on vocals.

Both the vocal and instrumental versions of 'Belong' have the summer drenched into them even if the hook line is, "you throw me crumbs" is somewhat ironic as Petar and Ilija have been throwing us great big loaves/cakes of dance music and loads of remixes for ages.

And if you mention remix in these parts, even names of 'Dundow' and 'Rudman' will not get you infront of the North Street West experts.  And they've moved the original yatching transport mode into a NSW narrow gauge puffa steam train vibe that'll get you shuffling onto the dancefloor; again, vocal, instrumental and there's a Peechy dub mix with huge organ - can I hear Sharon Redd down the corridor trying to get out of the carriage whilst going over the points?   Froggy would have loved this but expect to see all five versions on playlists all over.

It's quite a difference from Ramrock Blue's last two releases, 'Guard Down' by Maxine Scott x Alf.E (see review HERE) and The Descendants' 'Telling Lies ‘JP’s Unplugged Cuts’ EP featuring Mazen Bedwei (see review HERE) but there perhaps a common bond to all that's not just the label.  I'd say, great music for starters.  

Artist: EESKRA

Title: Belong EP

Release date: 9th June, 2023

Label: Ramrock Blue Records

Cat. No: RRB018

Format: Digital


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