Thursday 8 June 2023

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If you missed last years' Mr Bongo compilation 'Luke Una Presents É Soul Cultura' you may have wondered why said Luke Una is now a bit of a social media "hit" (and even immitated!), Festival "must have" and Gilles Peterson's 'go to' DJ for all things eclectic?

Well, such was the impact of Vol. 1, the Manchester based DJ seems to have taken over from Mr Scruff (can you believe 'Trouser Jazz' was 20 years ago this year?) as the areas' favourite spinner and digger (although the artwork is more Francis Bacon that Mr. Potatohead cartoon).

The new 'Luke Una Presents É Soul Cultura Vol. 2' is equally eclectic and odd(ly) mesmerising.   From chart toppers, the Real Thing to exclusive remix, 'Storm (Arp Duppy Chip Mix)' by Rare Silk; from Afro-space jazz 'Guadeloupe, île de mes amours' to a dub mix of Mr Scuff's classic 'Griffin' to LFO!

I don't want to mention how good Michael d'Albuquerque's 1973 album title track, 'We May Be Cattle But We've All Got Names' is (as I've got my eye on a copy) but here's an example of Luke being able to spot a 50 year old prog/art rock track that get's Paul 'Children Of The Sun' Hillery types very excited. And where did he find jazz rockin' Pyranha or post-punk jazz funkers Yargo?

And if you know Plunky (Nkabinde) of Oneness of JuJu fame, prepare yourself for his appearance on Afro-jazzdance-flute gang disco monster 'Play a sweet Rhythm on Them Drums' (Okyerema Asante & Black Fire) - there's even a fiddle solo!

It's more than likely that this album will even be bigger than Vol. 1 and lets hope it's just the start of a very long running series as you can just about count the DJs on one hand who are able to and do manage to have a set that encompasses many genres without losing the crowd; and Luke Una is definitely one of them - who else could follow a track by Bach Revolution with one called 'Bangalore Whispers (feat. MD Pallavi)' and not flinch?


Artist: Various Artists

Title: Luke Una Presents É Soul Cultura Vol.2 

Release date : 9th June, 2023

Label : Mr Bongo

Catalog Number : 

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp




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