Thursday 29 June 2023

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Fans of Be Adult Music will be happy that there's a new compilation coming out on the label; but let's hope they're grown up enough for a slightly deeper house than they are used to!

And 'getting  deeper' for these goes can stretch from a 'tribute' to 'Boogie Nights' (as reimagined as Latin disco-dub funk by Carlos Sanchez) to a Balearic beach zephyr. 'Feel The Breeze' (Moo Vee) to a bouncey remix of Sumsuch's 'Find Home' by Alex Kentucky & Ivan Garci as the day draws to a close (Sunset Mix) - fans of the Colour & Pitch head honcho will recall this is the one featuring Matty Eeles who's vocal is remincent of the jazzy end of Antony Hegarty; also check out 'Don't Go' and the latest on Colour & Pitch (Sen-Sei & Jason Merle's 'Traduire' - see review HERE).

You also get an organ express train awakening, 'Rude' (Matt Gilespie & Amir Groove) that will stay in everyones DJ bag forever, Mark Mac (different spelling) with a classic opener, 'Across The Globe'.

As a somewhat different tangent is Juan Domecq's 'Haunted Me' with it's synth ghost whispers and Aurel den Bossa & Ias Ferndale's, 'Calla Gracionetta' which has a Balearic 80s vocal vibe about it.

So, as you can tell, something for everyone and it's not just for lovers of deep house as it's always good to be a grown up.

STOP PRESS: Oh! What's that I hear, something from the other side of the office?  Sumsuch says, " 'Find Home' has really become a gift that keeps on giving. When I released the track in 2015 on my own Colour and Pitch label, it became something of a low-key hit around the beach bars and terraces on Ibiza and across the Balearics. Alex Kentucky in particular (one of the nicest DJs and humans you'll ever find) championed the tune, and asked if it would be OK to re-release it on his Be Adult imprint with a remix by Vincenzo, a favourite producer of mine. That rework became the stuff of legend, and I'm so happy to see Alex and Ivan provide yet another version of the song, perfectly timed for another lazy summer." Well, there won't be any fights in the playground with those thoughts.

Artist: Various Artists 

Title: Deep House Lovers

Release date: 29th June 2023

Label; Be Adult Music

Catalog Number: BAM316


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