Saturday 17 June 2023

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Is this some sort of Gilles Peterson radio program tribute via the Met Office? No, it's the latest album on None More Records.

But don't expect this to sound anything like his label mates Monzanto Sound (see reveiw HERE) as this eight track album is based on the idea of the moon vs. oceans interaction forming an ambience of sound so there's quite a bit of looping and field recording mixed in.

It can be a bit hypnotic/shoegaze at times ('Spring Tides', 'Overcast') and beautiful at others, 'Neap Gloom' and 'Gameplan B' (this one more Gamelan/Paris left bank).

The single, 'In Syzygy' is a mini ambient balaeric rain shower built on field recording loops and a some synthy/guitar dreamscapes that align all his solar ducks - get those Flying Mojito Bros. on speed dial for a remix.  

'Longshore Drift' is the 'folk song' that's harks back to Tuung (who remembers them? As featured on the compilation,'Where The Sea Meets The Sky - see review HERE).

If you're after something close to original Fripp/Eno ('Walrus') or the series of Eno's 'Music For', this is pretty close and worthy of repeated listens.

Artist: Joe Woodham

Title: Worldwide Weather

Release date: 16th June, 2023

Label: None More Records

Cat. No: -

Format: Digital


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