Monday 12 June 2023

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If you've ever wondered what Afro spiritual post punk funk avant-guarde experimental psych jazz from South Africa sounded like, this is it! 

We've already experienced 'The Woods' and 'Pieces Of Ish' as a single/toe dipping (see review HERE) but the album, 'Millions Of Us' is the full plunge in the ocean.

It doesn'f take long to get immersed in their Fela shamenism of 'Thonga Lami' or the break neck 'Ntuthwane' which you can see as a reinvented South African gumboot dance.

What you get in loads from this album is an energy that as mesmeric as the album cover artwork.

The album was recorded in Soweto and mixed in London.  And with that in mind, in some ways, this seems like the taking back of Malcolm McClaren's vision of 'Duck Rock' [1983] after 40 years with a rebrand of his Bow Wow Wow venture; could they have not squeezed in New York Dolls/Sex Pistols to complete the set?  That said, the title track, 'Millions Of Us', at nearly 20 minutes long, may have an inner Rotten/Johansen still looking for a kiss: "don't stop the music" as they say.

BCUC are a 7-peice band and they're on tour all through the summer - see gig and festival listing below - and expect to see this listed high in the 'Album Of The Year' lists and 'Millions Of Us' as track of the year.


Artist: BCUC

Title: Millions Of Us

Release Date : 2nd June, 2023

Catalog Number : -

Label : On The Corner Records

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp


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