Friday 9 June 2023

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Here's a couple of dates for you, The Guido Spannocchi quartet will celebrate the release of their new album with 2 consecutive shows at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club (London) on 16 & 17th June 2023.

And what can you expect?  Well, Ronnie Scott's jazz club only has the best and if they've listened to the double LP of last years' gig, 'Live at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, 2022' they'll know that these four are so well matched. 

Featuring Ruth Goller (bass - how coincidental that we just referenced Vula Viel in which she also played bass in our review of Valia Calda's 'Homeland' album - see HERE), Danny Keane (piano and Rhodes) and Pete Adam Hill (drums) and, of course, Guido Spannocchi on alto saxophone.

There's no "popular" or "jazz standards" on the 7-track album being all originals/live arrangements of his previous album tracks (on which he's been accompanied by the likes of Robert Mitchell and Toni Kofi no less).  And as such, they cover areas of the jazz ballad to hard bop, avant-garde to contemporary, fusion to free!

What immediately strikes you is how good the sound recording is at Porgy & Bess, it must be a great venue to play and go and see jazz. And how good is this band?  Listend to the 10 minutes of 'Das Ist Die Frage' and you'll have no doubt.

And listen to him blow on 'Ganbatte'!

Apparantly, the band were'nt told that this mid-tour date was going to be recorded so there was no 'red light nerves' involved, is that why it sounds so good? Check out 'Strutting At Six' on Bandcamp and if you're in the London area later this month, book your tickets as it's going to be a sell out.

Artist: Guido Spannocchi Quartet

Title: Guido Spannocchi Live at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, 202

Release date: 9th June, 2023

Label: Audioguido Records

Format: Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp


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