Tuesday 29 November 2022

Lots of fantastic remix projects about at the moment and here's one not to be overlooked.

Batov Records have organised four different versions of 'Hamsa' by experts in their own fields as they take on the original track that's Mulatu Astatke of Ethiopia with a West African psychedelic rock vibe.

No. 1 for us is absolutely brilliant. This is usually the case with anything to do with Jessica Lauren and Emanative - typically in the Sun Ra meets Ethio Jazz.  We have to declare an interest as I've DJ'd with Emanative (aka Nick Woodmansey) way before the release of his critically acclaimed albums for Brownswood Recordings, Jazzman Records and Futuristica Music.  And he's not shy when it comes to remixes, (most recently, the far too short 'San Francisco Dancefor RE:WARM) and like any good DJ/producer/drummer/show-off he's reworked 'Hamsa' playing the drums himself and getting bests mate keyboard whiz Jessica Lauren to do a Farfisa solo plus Vince Vella adding an Afro-Latin kick, on congas, udu drums and other assorted percussion. 

Stunning I think you'll agree. But wait! What's this Ayala's Rhythm Mix?  Sticking to the theme but a bit more jazzy horn whilst the Koichi Sakai remix is Ethio with trumpet and housey keys that grooves then gets a little dubby sometimes and a little spacey too!  And not to be outdown in the spacey dubby groove, Italian DJ/Producer Woxow gets deeper into all aspects with some added spoken word 'thoughts'

Batov Records (they of Sababa 5 - see our review HERE) are getting in the party mood with this one and I'm expecting more of the same quality next year too!

Artist: Sandman Project

Title: Hamsa Remixes EP

Release date: 2nd December, 2022

Label: Batov Records

Catalog Number: Digital

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As jazz becomes more and more influenced with electronic instrumentals, there is an industry search for a new catchy post nu-jazz named genre.

Well, whatever the boffin's come up with, WAAN can safely be in it as Dutch duo Bart Wirtz (sax) and Emiel van Rijthoven (keyboard/electronics) meet up on this new release on the ever future forward German label, Sonar Kollektiv. 

The single is the start of the build up to the release of an album called 'Echo Echo'.  Joinded by Kasper Kalf (double bass), Jimmi Hueting (drums), Oscar de Jong and Lucas Meijers (both percussion), 'KinK' sounds familiar as Bart weaves his sax with the others.

'Open' has more 'jazz' in it as the Jazzanova thirst for 'The Space In Between' continues, this track being the opener on the new compilation, 'Sonar Kollektiv presents Neujazz Vol. 2' (did you see what they did there?)

It's an area that harks back to Eddie Harris' electrified sax to ENO to WeJazz to fee jazz experimentalists that is overseen here by co-producer de Jong (half of Kraak & Smaak) for a dance "jazztronica" [Ed. not sure about that one].

Artist: WAAN

Title: KinK / Open EP

Release date: 6th December, 2022

Label : Sonar Kolletiv

Catalog Number : SK447D Digital / Bandcamp

Monday 28 November 2022

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Those of you that wanted more after Tartelet Records released their 'six of the best' series will be estatic that we've now got 'Medusozoa Vol II' coming out.

For a label reknown for finding new talent, this compilation 20 tracks is packed with a mix of old and new material from Glenn Astro, Henry Wu & Tito Wun, Jitwam, , Max Graef & Wayne Snow, Space Ghost and Uffe, and unreleased material by Nelson of the East and new to the label ABUNAI and Armin Tamzarian.

Mostly a "collection of introspective, downtempo and ambient leaning tracks for quiet moments" it ranges from the Glenn  Astro/Ajnascent Thundercat feel of 'Homespun' (you'll want this on repeat) to the nu-Nyabinghi of Uffe's 'Sunrise, Coffee and Cigarettes' and the low-slung funk of Modula's 'Cala Olivera'.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2007, Tartelet Records is run by Emil Margetli Nyholm and Frederik Bille Brahe and they've clearly got an ear for the leftfield which is easily hip and dancefloor influenced.  

In fact, the more you listen to the diverse comp, each track becomes your new favourite; who could resist Nelson Of The East's 'Tribe 92' or the oldest track on the album, 'Andre The Giant vs. Bob Sapp' by Henry Wu & Tito Wun of the 2006 EP, '27 Karat Years'.

Medusozoa Vol I was a mere 13 tracks so these guys have upped their game over the year and I suspect we'll here much more of them in 2023.  

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Medusozoa Vol II 

Release date: 30th November, 2022

Label : Tartelet Records

Catalog Number : Ultra Limited 12" Sampler / Digital / Bandcamp

Friday 25 November 2022

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This is absolute brilliant madness as the Baleraic beach is now an acid house vs. tai chi dancefloor.

Fans of Kiko Navarro will be aware of his 'Sounds Of My Breath' collaboration with Tai Gung/Qigong expert Nader Behravan (and Navaro fan) but the idea of Osunlade 'Yoruba Soul' remix has turned mantra of 'less is more' on its head(stand) pose.

There's seems to be a trend with acid at the moment with the new Hieroglyphic Being album 'There Is No Acid In This House (Soul Jazz Records) and, of course, our favourite 303 in you're disco with Daniel Wang's 'DSDN EP' (Paloma).  Any coinsidence, that Osunlade made his name at Soul-Jazz with his Yoruba Soul sound?

Nader is a perfect instructor but if you find his spoken word distracting there's an instrumental version.  Osunlade is not scared of it as he takes it fully on-board as he takes us on a smooth trans-euro 303-acid drop trip . 

Shame no Kiko Navarro Motor City Jazz Remix but perhaps it's in the pipeline.  Video's of Nader's breathing technique can be found on Kiko's web site for further enlightenment. 

P.S. Osunlade is also featured in the latest copy of FAITH, Winter 2022 vol. 3 #8

Artist: Kiko Navarro ft. Nader Behravan

Title: You Take Over (inc. Osunlade Remix)

Release Date : 25th November, 2022

Catalog Number : AFTNE052

Label : Afroterraneo

Format: 12" / Digital

1. You Take Over ft. Nader Behravan (8:31)

2. You Take Over ft. Nader Behravan (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Remix) (8:42)

3. You Take Over ft. Nader Behravan (Instrumental Version) (8:25) 

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Here's something from Honduran/Danish artist Julie Pavon that I was just going to say Tartelet Records meets Grace Jones (the comparison also extend's to Julie's presence on the catwalk) on the prison disco landing and we find that the music is co-produced by Julie and Uffe (Tartelet Records, Blueberry Records) whilst Julie Pavon writes her own lyrics.

This is party season sharp - but where's the instrumental version?

Artist: Julie Pavon

Title: Don't Call Me Out Again

Release date: 25th November, 2022

Label : Independent

Catalog Number : YouTube / Digital

Wednesday 23 November 2022

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Is it Detroit?  Is It Berlin? No, it's Oxford! Well, it was a couple of Saturdays ago when Finest Wear and Colour & Sound had their launch party at Frevd for the new EP called. 'NIght Tales'.

This is Finest Wear's follow up to his EP of earlier this year, 'The Concrete Shuffle'.  You'll find 'Night Tales' is still urban deep house but not all of it is about the shadowy recessess of a railway arch club.

The 3 tracks are very different to Finest Wear's remix of 'Sky Be Blue' (also on Colour & Pitch - see reveiw HERE) but there's definitely a connection with a weaving synth glow.

At first, you might think 'Push Me' is main room with heavy beats and misty vocals but it's really bouncy and addictive. This is going to be the way to finish off 2022 in a big way.

Similarly, 'The Buzz Dub' has the deep house keys that you love but with this 'hornet trapped in a jam jar' buzz - is it annoying? Yes, do you forgive him? Yes you do as this turns heads on the dance floor and gets everyone going. 
And sitting somewhere between these two tracks is 'Ket Corner' that's got that buzz (not the same buzz as 'The Buzz Dub') and gets more atmospheric with classic tech-house post Kraftwerk infulences.

This is the London based producers sixth EP on Colour & Pitch since early 2020 so you'd be expecting more soon, time for a retrospective/remix album? You'd have to 'Push Me' for that!

Buy / stream link: Finest Wear - Night Tales EP

And here's Will Sumsuch's session for November with details of gigs in Newcastle and Manchester this weekend. 

Artist: Finest Wear 

Title: Night Tales EP

Release date: 25th November, 2022

Label : Colour and Pitch

Catalog Number : CAP082

Launch Party Frevd in Oxford Saturday (5th November 2022)

Monday 21 November 2022

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Last year Linkwood released the LP ‘Mono' on  Athens Of The North so what do they do in 2022?  Yep, you've guessed it, the follow-up/companion release, ‘Stereo’.

And by odd co-incidence, Linkwood (aka Nick Moore) has got form working as a pair remembering Linkwood & Other Lands album 'Face The Facts' of a couple of years ago and the Linkwood & Foat album of the same name (all on Athens of the North).

He's taken 'Stereo' on a search to find deep house/techno islands on a lost synth pop 80s archipelago.

Some of the 12 tracks are very Detroit, some are reminisent of Tubeway Army and some are a bit of both (so you'll love to love, 'Love', 'Ping' and 'DipDab' that swoons like a space craft synth in a underpass) and you can't go far without a TransEuropeExpress ('Clusters' and 'Look-up') or a trip into space ('Flightpath').

The tracks on 'Mono' were sharp, punchy and generally shorter than 'Stereo' so whilst there's no extra extended "Ricardo Villalobos" length tracks, they do have space to breathe like the mournful 'Glow' and the post-ESG-tech-disco, 'We Had A Love'

If Linkwood is ever doing a live/DJ gig nearby, you'd be best advised to get your tickets early as 'Stereo' must sound even more incredible on a mega club sound system - definitely Funktion-One quality but in the meantime, give you ears a real treat with this new album. 

PS. I'd like to hear what Ricardo Villalobos could do with 'Look-Up', 'Love' or 'We Had A Love' as they would be even better as a longer versions; for that matter, where's Linkwood's extended 12" mix?


Artist: Linkwood

Title: Stereo

Release date: 25th November, 2022

Label : Athens Of The North

Catalog Number :  AOTNLP061

Format:  LP / Digital / Bandcamp

External Links:
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Last year we were excited about the release of Monzanto Sound's debut on None More Records, 'Time Lapse' EP, asking, "Where has all the post-punk-funk gone?" And even then, the tracks themselves were also neo-soul-jazzy and much more.  

This year, the EP 'Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow', takes on this theme further as on  'The Letter' we take their ESG leanings to more Kraut-rock Can and the Erykah Budu vocals are, at times, an Dagmar Krause operatic avant-garde with space synths too!  Just stunning stuff.

And that's not all as 'The Fool' is the vocal version to the dub that appeared on Mali-I’s debut album 'In Session'. There's no foolin' us they go all reggae/dub; I'd recommend vocal/dub 12" which would be so cool, so come on None More Records!

'Nuff Blues' is just as radio friendly as a neo-soul blues-jazz-funk grooves can be and the 4-tracker is completed with 'Eja' (being in part a tribute to ‘Yemọja’ the Yoruba goddess of the sea).

"Where has all the post-punk-funk gone?" Monzanto Sound are so much more and have passed the 'Gilles Peterson approved' test by a distance.

Artist: Monzanto Sound 

Title: Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Release date: 25th November, 2022

Label: None More Records

Cat. No: -

Format: Digital

Friday 18 November 2022

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You may recall that the title track to 'Song Of Island' appeared on the BBE J-Jazz compilation Volume 3: Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969 - 1983 and in a collection of such "heavy... bop", this track was the odd-80s recording, sounding like the 60/70s with a  "touch of the spiritual". 

Pianist, leader of the trio + 1, Yasuhiro Kohno has the love and feel of a Hancock/Corea/Tyner as he controls the thrust of 'Song of Island' for nearly 11 minutes with the '+1' of Masahiro Kanno on vibes doing his best Milt Jackson/Gary Burton that you'd never know 1. this was an all Japanese line-up and 2. Recorded live on August 28th and 29th 1985 at "Live House Again" - no overdubs/no re-takes/just 'live'. 

A one off track you might think? Not on this album! All five tracks are pretty lengthy which is really great news in this case. If you thought you'd already heard enough versions of 'Love For Sale' that you'd never need to hear another in your life, stick with this as it swings with attitude (as someone might have said) and I'll say it, best version of the standard I'm ever likely to hear. And the perfect follow-on to the softer 'Time For Peace' before we get into the other two original compositions, 'Mr Nilson' (a little avant-modal blues walk at 13 minutes) and the best in the set, jazzdance head and feet at the ready, 'Village Festival' (12 minutes). 

Originally a private pressing (so rare as!), it's re-issued with original/translated sleeve notes plus a new Tony Higgins interview as well. Fans are already saying 'Corker ain't it !!' and it must be up there for re-issue of the year. Thank you everyone involved in making this happen, from original label ASCAP to BBE and the J-Jazz conception dynamic duo of Mike Peden and Higgins; you'll never be able to see Yasuhiro Kohno +1 at their 1985 peak ever again so this is the next best thing and yet another essential in the J-Jazz series - go Yasuhiro GO! 

Artist: Yasuhiro Kohno + One

Title: Song of Island

Release date : 18th November, 2022

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE665

Format: LP / CD / Digital

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Where do they find them? I mean where do you start looking for an obsure album that sounds, according to the label, "like a long-lost Frankie Knuckles LP or something like The Pasadenas"? Very good Re: Warm!

Well, unbelieveably South Africa is you're starting point and you're looking for a vocalist called Small along with the worst album cover you can think of for 'Don't Leave Me In The Rain'.

And that's probably the reason that it's so unknown as it's proto soul-house-boogie-pop.

The eight tracks have the drum programming of the time [recorded 1991] and it sounds like a hybrid of Odyssey's 'Going Back To My Roots'/Fleetwood Mac/Hall & Oats/Van Halen and let's throw in Shalamar all in South African pot that's absorbing hip-hop, Peech Boys NYC and Italo house. Is that's why Small sound so good?

It really is hard to think why 'Make My Life' and 'Let's Stop The Fire' were not international hits whilst 'It Takes Two To Tango' sounds like it should be cheese, "what's the matter with you" takes over the track and this climax of 'Without You'.  

Obviously, there's a pop hit with 'Make My Life' but mostly this is of its period and 30 years ahead of its time like the other finds on this label like Lucky Mereki and Bibbi (but they were mainstream house/disco by comparison), so don't snooze and get ahead of the game with this re-heated goodness; 'Keep On Trying' should be their motto and you'll be jumping for joy when you get this.

And doesn't everyone need a 'Happy Song' – let's think Christmas No. 1!

PS. Sad to hear of the passing at the start of November of Noel McKoy (RIP) "U.K.-based soul singer who performed with several U.K. acts including Nu Colours, The Pasadenas, the James Taylor Quartet, Snowboy, Sounds of Blackness, Steve Williamson and Linton 'Kwesi' Johnson"

Artist: Small

Title: Don't Leave Me In The Rain

Release date: 18th November, 2022

Label: RE:WARM 

Cat. No: RE:WARM 010

Format: LP / Digital

Thursday 17 November 2022

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At the risk of sounding like Victoria Coren Mitchell/Richard Osman, what's the connection between Steve Coleman And Five Elements' 1988 album 'Sine Die' and Felix Laband's new album on Compost Records?  I'll tell you at the end of the show (I mean review).

If you've recovered from the single, 'Derek And Me', here's the whole 14-track album of more leftfield cross-genre dance. Fans of Compost Records will recognise the name Felix Laband from last years' compilation 'Compost Sechshundert' but apart from that we've not heard much of late from this South African electronica musician with a penchant for an old skool cut & paste approach to dance/electronica/field recordings (and cover art for that matter). 

No idea who Derek is in 'Derek And Me' and it might be too late to "stop crap" but this isn't it and it's definitely in that WARM/James Alexander Bright(!K7) tail-cocking at convention genre.

I was going to say that track along with another single called 'Snug Retreat'  - as a re-imaged [Black] Forest (The Cure track) in a South African synth-pop 80s disco - are the extremes but this album is so much more than some quirky tunes. 

I wouldn't want to put you off with the term 'concept album' or, in Laband's explanation, “I have sampled a lot from documentaries from the 80s crack epidemic in impoverished African American communities and believe my work speaks unapologetically for the lost and marginalised, for those who are the forgotten casualties of the war on drugs".

And there's the knock-on troubles of "urban terrorism" ('Dreaming In Johannesburg') which is strangely followed by the music-box house of 'Death Of A Pervert'(!), 'Death Of A Migrant'(!) and 'Dreams of Loneliess' which prepares us for the re-inpretation of Beethoven's hip-hop period for 'We Know Major Tom's A Junkie': this is really great.  Then, get ready for the hip-jazz [re]cut coke ad, '5 Seconds Ago' and Laband does Stones Throw, '7 Rise 7 House'.

What's strange is that as deep and thoughtful as the themes are, there's a beautiful and humourous side that reflects his inspiration of the the 100 year old Dadaism movement (and Hannah Höch for the cover art).  And in the end, if you can image a cut'n'paste electronic musical of Judge Judy set in America and South Africa, with the 'The Soft White Hand' of a svegali Malcolm McLaren laughing in a pre-war German post-war disco; this might just be that concept album.  Thankfully, it's Laband that just about wins out; good always triumphs over evil right?  

Thinking back to the 'Steve Coleman' question, I've never quite understood the phrase, "war on drugs" and, your answer for the starter for 10, the graffiti on wall on the cover of 'Sine Die' reads, "Death To Crack Dealers" - that's the connection.  And I suspect it's still on that wall in Brooklyn, NYC over 30 years later. Make of that what you will.

Artist: Felix Laband 

Title: The Soft White Hand

Release date: 18th November, 2022

Label: Compost Records

Cat. No: CPT 605-1

Format: LP / Digital

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You'll recognise the label Música Macondo from it's recent album 'Brasil Novo' that many will have down as their compilation album of the year; so who this guy Amane?  

Well he's based in fashionable East London for starters and this is his debut EP, 'Moments Of Solace' so don't expect any Brazilian dance fever.

What you can expect is beautiful Japanese water garden electronica with monstrous Godzilla marching band synths ('Drop') that are fit for any Dublab/Flying Lotus/CDr disco.

'Cover Me' Parts I & II tones it down a little so the ambient comes through; might be an idea to flip it for you mixtape types to get in and out of that solace.

Amane is a member of Maisha (Brownswood Recordings) so he's "in" on the London Jazz scene (that's in the middle of London Jazz Festival at the moment) so expect to hear deeper dance electronica like 'Drop', 'Another Time' and 'Ex4 Mk3' [Ed. was that a Ford Escort?] at all the best after parties

The set ends on a Eno ambient-styled 'I Never Noticed Before' which is ideal meditation music for airports (and elsewhere); Amanea is definately a name to watch out for.

Artist: Amane

Title: Moments Of Solace EP

Release date: 18th November, 2022

Label: Música Macondo

Cat. No: -

Format: 12" EP / Digital

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Having just got to grips with A.MA Records and their latest release, Ennrico Bracco's Flying In A Box album, here's another that's just been issued, 'The Blue Zone' by the Davide Peluso Quartet.

Whilst Davide is the bandleader/double bass player, I think it's fair to say that the other 3 members, being Alberto Parmegiani (g), Andrea Biondi (vibes) and Riccardo Gambatesa (d) may not exactly steal the show but they are at the forefront of most of the nine tracks. 

It particularly gets hot when Alberto and Andrea "battle" it out in a imaginary Metheny vs. Burton bout and the opening (and title) track, 'The Blue Zone' proves it.

If you're after a jazz-dance shuffle, 'Sonora' kicks into this (and it could have been a longer feature of the track me thinks) then a touch jazz-rocker, 'Cicciocco' and 'Slam' is where Alberto gets a little Jeff Beck and 'Slam' is for Davide as it's more bluesy/OST (Italians! Library!)  

So there quite a bit of 'mood' jazz but whether you call it a post-bop or fusion but these guys are clearly some of the finest jazz musicians in Italy, if not Europe, if not wider afield!  You can imagine that they'd be great at a Jazz Festival like the North Sea in Holland.

Once more, many thanks to DJ Bob Hill (BBE, TWR, ReddSugarBlack Creative) for putting us onto this and as it's not just those Elbert Phillips house remixes that we should be looking out for!

Artist: Davide Peluso Quartet 

Title: The Blue Zone

Release date: 4th October, 2022

Label : A.MA Records

Catalog Number : LP / Digital / Bandcamp

Monday 14 November 2022

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Italian jazz has a huge history with labels as Black Saint and Soul Note to Schema Records and A.MA Records.

A.MA Records/Edizioni you say? Yeah, not so well known but that's changing as DJ Bob Hill (BBE, TWR, ReddSugarBlack Creative) as he is championing their releases with a compilation series and there's some remixes by Elbert Phillips.
Their latest album release by electric guitar maestro, Enrico Bracco is just out.  

'Flying In A Box' is his fifth album an very much modern jazz from the opening track 'Flow', with it's gentle stream like quality into the more angular 'Unresolved'.

'Urge' finds the band - personnel: Daniele Tittarelli (as), Pietro Lussu (p), Giuseppe Romagnoli (db), Enrico Morello (d): Drums - in more of a swing mode before the reflective gentleness of 'Cold' (in fact, I think 'Cold' is my favourite track of the eight on the album). 

There certainly is a sense of drama throughout the tracks that the band interpret prefectly as with the title track, 'Proved Honestly' and the more upbeat, 'The Same Way'.  

Bracco is certain not at all flashy and whilst jazz guitarist come in many forms these days, from the ever active/popular Bill Fisell to Lionel Loueke (who's recently announced a Herbie Hancock tribute album with Gilles Peterson!).  But if you're a fan of Kenny Burrel and Barney Kessel or even Stanley Jordan and Bireli Lagrene, this album is for you.

Artist: Enrico Bracco 

Title: Flying In A Box 

Release date: 11th November, 2022

Label : A.MA Records / A.MA Edizioni

Catalog Number : LP / Digital / Bandcamp

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Ramrock Records are back with a new release on their Blue imprint as Maxine Scott x Alf.E follow up thier fantastic 'Ya Energy'.

You can guess why her first release was called 'Erykah U Bad' as there's obvious comparissons with her Badu-ness (but that's not at all, it's got to be better than good).

With a vocal and a beats version you might be thinking, "where's my fix of North Street West's usual trio of superb vocal/dub/instrumental remixes"?  But please don't as, in truth, you don't need them as this is so hypnotically groovey. 

It ain't X-rated or blue but definitely deep and SXC is already feeling it's going to be new 'golden era' in a blink of an eye.

Artist: Maxine Scott x Alf.E

Title: SXC

Release date: 14th November, 2022

Label: Ramrock Blue Records

Cat. No: RRB015

Format: Digital

Saturday 12 November 2022

If you've recently discovered the music of singer/songwriter Deborah Jordan from her work with Marc Rapson (on 'I'll See You Again') and K15 plus new remixes by DJ Spinna and Kaidi Tatham, you'll no doubt be surprised that yesterday's release of her debut album, 'The Light' is the first time it's been on vinyl.

I remember that we were so excited after the 7" of 'Nothing Lasts' (prod. Jneiro Jarel) and 'Home' featuring Replife (prod. Marc Rapson & Soulpersona) for the then forthcoming CD  (this was 2009 after all).

Both these tracks are on the reissued album and they don't sound at all dated; particularly 'Home' and 'You Could Be'.   Indeed, all these tracks sound "2022" which is a testament to the love that Mr. Futurisica Music (aka DJ Simon S) put into this as there are tracks produced by Aardvark (appropriately titled, 'This Is The Future' where soul meets hip-hop meets space bruk), Simbad and the ever consistent and still as active as he was when this come out, Atjazz (check out BBE's MF Robots 'The Love It Takes' (Atjazz Remix) if you need any proof).

The mix with the underground soul, hip-hop beats community like Replife, Rise (now better known as Mecca:83) and Kamara was more than a surprise as Deborah was better known back then for being in Silhouette Brown and Robert Mitchell's avant guarde jazz goup Panacea, a relationship that continues to this day as Mitchell has just released his own "Monument" (Gilles Peterson) of a double album called 'The New Resistance' that features Deborah on many of the tracks.

We haven't got an Atjazz 2022 update on 'Let Go' which is great because it is perfect as it was/is along with 'Nothing Lasts', 'Breathe' and the timeless title track.

And now you've seen/heard 'The Light' you can also add vinyl version of her previous solo album 'See In The Dark' and the previously mentioned recent collaboration with K15, 'Human' - both available on Futuristica Music.

Artist: Deborah Jordan 

Title: The Light (2022 Reissue)

Release date: 11th November, 2022

Label : Futuristica Music

Catalog Number FUTLP10

Format : 2 x LP

Friday 11 November 2022

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When BBE have focusing on jazz from overseas (from the UK) of late, it's been from Japan and Norway for their internationslist musical forays, but what is/who are Wütrio?

Recorded in Hamburg 1987, here's more high quality 'modern' jazz that's aborbed the 60s Brit-Jazz spirit (think vocalist Beate Kynast as a Norman Winson) and free-jazz-Latin dance.

The nine track album has been long overlooked except by Rainer Trüby, he of Compost Records, many a compilation and a huge record collection (particularly MPS label), founder of the Root Down club and member of both A Forest Mighty Black and the Trüby Trio.

Featuring Robert Schulte Hemming (Trumpet/flugehorn), Wolfgang Puschnig (sax/flute), Martin Kübert (piano/synthesizer), Rudi Engel (bass), Peter Wirth (drums/percussion), it's a post MPS German odyssey - a sort of European jazz-rock on the M-Base with a electro/hip-hop kinda in the queue along with the avante-garde - you get the idea why this was overlooked at the time of release?

Almost impossible to pick a favourite track but 'Lament' stands out as it features Beate and is a 'standard' laid-back style and the trumpet solo is so cool. In fact, any of the tracks which feature Beate singing or her wordless improvisations, like 'Scarcely Had We Left The House',  the out-there 'Rush Hour' and all the trumpet, sax and synth solos.

The diverse nature of this album is definitely a strength.  If this had come out of a New York loft, I'm sure we'd all have a copy but now's the time to redress the balance (especially as original copies are much sort after at silly high prices).  

And even better than that, much like the J-Jazz series curated by Tony Higgins and Mike Peden, this is the first in a series to redress the obscurity of Thein Records (Bremen) that Rainer Tüby is putting together - is this going to be B-Jazz or G-Jazz then?

P.S. Great cover artwork that's a bit Günther Uecker without the nails.

P.P.S. Wonder if DJs Miche and Chris Wheatley picked up anything from their recent visit to Rainer's massive 22k strong collection?  

P.P.S. Bob Hill (BBE, TWR, A.MA) was playing this out at WARM last weekend and it sounds great.

Artist : Wütrio

Title : Wütrio

Release Date : 11th November, 2022

Catalog Number : BBE717

Label : BBE Music

Format : LP / CD / Digital

If the nearest you've got to the Argentine world/electronica/dance scene is the Gotan Project/Astor Piazzolla Remixed, here's you're chance to explore further and deeper with Chancha Via Circuito (aka Pedro Canale) with the release his fifth full length: 'La Estrella' on Wonderwheel Recordings.

Chancha Via Circuito has made a name for himself as the originator of electronic South American folk meets Cumbia dance and it's really seductive; like an Argentina Tango that's full of expression and warmth.

The eleven tracks are split between instrumentals and vocals tracks featuring Fémina ('Cometa'), Lido Pimienta ('Amor en silencio' that's more summer folk-pop with vibes), Meridian Brothers ('El pavo real') as well as Las Añez ('Ese peso'), Manu Ranks ('Ouh Lord ouh Dios') and María José Montijo.

'Comenta' was released as a single and I said then that it's an "Erotic garden of eathly delighs on a mountain temple" but 'El pavo real' even tops that as it's a proper slow dance in Cumbia-space folk-dub with a touch of vibe and wobble; with the beautiful vocals - who are the  Meridian Brothers? 'Ese peso' is nearly as good and both tracks would be great future singles.

I wouldn't like to give you this impression that this album is non-mainstream, like Manu Ranks's track as a downtempo reggaeton folk-stylee in a damp basement [Ed: that's mainstream?] and the almost Baile jazz-funk of  'El arbol y el hacha' featuring Moninja.

All this instrumentals shine, like opening track 'Dandeleon' (one for WUTMK), the walk in the rainforest 'Vedanta' and the closing track, 'Monolina' that shuffles and glides in dark alleyways. 

Chancha Via Circuito has come a long way since he was included on Daniel Haaksman's Funk Mundial compilation in 2009 with MC Pretinho 'Buçetao' [history update: I'm pretty sure I was at the UK launch of that album when Daniel DJ'd at Camden Stables with Dom 'Wah Wah 45s' Servini!] and even then, he was a bit off the normal 'Funk Mundial' template so this album is futher confirmation that he's forging his own musical path.

This is a great album that's varied and hypnotic all at the same time and it's about time the 'world' scene caught up with him. 

Artist: Chancha Via Circuito 

Title: La Estrella

Release date: 11th November, 2022

Label : Wonderwheel Recordings

Catalog Number : LP / Digital / Bandcamp

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Well know that New Orleans is, on the one hand, full of saints and on the other, it's a party town.  So when native of that city Acantha Lang finds herself in London, there's more than enough folks that are more than happy to ensure that she doesn't do it alone to 'Carry The Weight'.

The single starts like it's a bit 'Tumbling Dice' with that southern soul organ but Acantha takes over with the purest of vocals.  Her time in NYC was no doubt aided by the Brooklyn/Daptone deep soul culture with big horns.  And, there's a superb instrumental version too, like the old 45s A-B side days.

Craig Charles (BBC 6Music) is a big fan and this is another one that you can imagine her killing the Jools Holland Later show.  Apparently, Holland presented her with the 'Blues artist of the Year' at the Boisdale Music Awards so he's on it!

Love this: also try Rat Child's new release.

Artist: Acantha Lang

Title: Carry The Weight

Release date: 11th November, 2022

Label : Self-Released

Catalog Number : Digital / Bandcamp

Thursday 10 November 2022

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First things first, don't be put off by the name 'Rat Child' as it's no indication that this is a tribute to The Stranglers or the drummer of The Damned.  

Indeed, it comes as a great surprise that the opening track is more like a modern Billie Holiday meets Jill Scott ('Introduction' featuring the spoken word ode to the world of Zimbabwean-Australian post Tariro Mavondo) before the theme continues to cry for 'Changes'.

This message is the heart of Naarm (Melbourne) based, singer/songwriter as the neo-soul can get beatifully downtempo/down south(ern) soul as in 'Joy' (so easy to visualize this as a live performance on Jools Holland's show) along with the suggestive 'Love Facilitator' that's got a touch of Rickie Lee Jones to it. 

'Love Interlude' featuring Cazeaux O.S.L.O is a short skit to LOVE which introduces the stunning 'Hard' that's anything but as the 'church' choir accompanies Gambian Kora master Amadou Suso (who is also based in Naarm) as a lament to suicide.  The sad love song 'So It Goes' (very Amy Winehouse with such an cool trumpet solo) closes this eight track set.

This release is full-on for social and ecological justice (a la Nina Simone) in a rather ugly world that done is a angelic way where you get a wide range of modern soul influences from along with R&B, pop, gospel, world and jazz all going on. 

It's a lot to take in but definitely a sound or a name you won't forget.

And great cover art too!

Artist: Rat Child

Title: My Morning and Afternoon's Work

Release date: 10th November, 2022

Label : Independent

Catalog Number : 12" LP / Digital / Bandcamp

Wednesday 9 November 2022

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There's a lot of interest in the band Cyamande at the moment with the release of their biop film (see details below) but some folks have loved this band for many years and here's something that really prooves it that's coming out on Rocksteady Disco.

Now you don't have to subscripe to Wax Poetics to know of Cymande, even if you don't recognise the name you'll have heard their music on the dancefloor from top DJs like DJ Shadow, Mr Scruff, Gilles Peterson to Bob Hill (BBE, TWR. A.MA and collector of Polish issued Cymande LPs), DJ Chris Wheatley (60MPC, Camden and new friend of Rainer Trüby - more of whom very soon) and Peter Croce!

Who's Peter Croce you might ask?  Well he's the head honcho of Rocksteady Disco and post-covid, he's now re-establishing himself as a go-to DJ for all the best parties over the US (recently having played at Razor 'n' Tape's big 10 year birthday bash in NYC).

So it's his label that's releasing thier own tribute to Cymande with 'Nyah-Rock' by Sol Power All-Stars; a mini-supergroup in their own right that features keyboard wiz Daniel Meinecke.  I've been after this release for what seems like 6 months ever since Peter teased us with a preview of 'Genevieve' on one of his radio shows.

The actual release comes as a 5 track special with 'Genevieve' as two magnificent versions; a vocal version featuring Zeek Burse with the Ibibio Horn Section and an organ dub mix.  Whilst I'm saying this is cover version of the year, let's not overlook the rest of the tracks as there's two version's of 'Anthracite' (the dub is like FK NYC 'white label' special) plus the funk-rock-groover, 'Getting It Back' featuring Jean-Francis Varre who really gives it some.

No news as yet of a cover version of 'BRA' but you can hear 'Genevieve' on Pete's recent posting Sol Power Meets Rocksteady Disco At MotorCity Wine 2022/08/07 but then, I think you'll agree, "girl" needs the vinyl version with the brillaint artwork!

Hoping to get a little closer to Peter regarding the label in the near future so stay tuned (so to speak).

Artist: Sol Power All-Stars 

Title: Nyah​-​Rock

Release date: 28th November, 2022

Label : Rocksteady Disco

Catalog Number : 12" LP / Digital / Bandcamp



Tuesday 8 November 2022

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More from Ramrock you say, yes it is and all of a sudden, it's Suddeny WOW!   

And this is a perfect little thing in original vocal and instrumental versions as Darren Morris and Otti Albietz (together as a duo, aka Suddeny WOW) get lost in a Joy Div/David Byrne/Franz Ferdinand meets Can/Neu/Krautrock at a 90s synth pop fish-eyed disco.

So whilst my description might not get the pulse racing, you'll soon find that it's gets that ear worm familiarity to it that makes it a Ramrock Red winner.

Already getting lots of plays on forward looking radio stations of BBC 6 Music, TWR, Soho Radio, 1BTN etc.

The question some may ask is where's the  North Street West remix attention that a Ramrock release is reknown for? I'd say, it's perfect as it is!

Artist: Suddenly WOW!

Title: Little Things

Release date: 11th November, 2022

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRR035

Format: Digital

Friday 4 November 2022

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If you're unfamiliar with 30/70, it's a great time to support Bandcamp Friday today.

30/70 are a collective (some might say "Supergroup") that include Allysha Joy, Ziggy Zeitgeist, Josh Kelly, Finn Rees and Matthew Hayes who are all solo artists and band leaders in their own right that are full of soul, jazz and beats so that thier fans are as varied as Gilles Peterson (via his Brownswood label) and Peckham's finest Bradley Zero (Rhythm Section International).

This single, 'All 4 U' is their neo-soul broken beat that puts "70s Herbie and Fela in the darkroom of a Berlin club" - doesn't that sound fun?

So, big from South London to South Melbourne; your new favourite supergroup. 

Artist : 30/70 

Title : All 4 U

Release date : 4th November, 2022

Label : Energy Exchange Records

Catalog Number : EXRECLP001S2