Wednesday 9 November 2022

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There's a lot of interest in the band Cyamande at the moment with the release of their biop film (see details below) but some folks have loved this band for many years and here's something that really prooves it that's coming out on Rocksteady Disco.

Now you don't have to subscripe to Wax Poetics to know of Cymande, even if you don't recognise the name you'll have heard their music on the dancefloor from top DJs like DJ Shadow, Mr Scruff, Gilles Peterson to Bob Hill (BBE, TWR. A.MA and collector of Polish issued Cymande LPs), DJ Chris Wheatley (60MPC, Camden and new friend of Rainer Trüby - more of whom very soon) and Peter Croce!

Who's Peter Croce you might ask?  Well he's the head honcho of Rocksteady Disco and post-covid, he's now re-establishing himself as a go-to DJ for all the best parties over the US (recently having played at Razor 'n' Tape's big 10 year birthday bash in NYC).

So it's his label that's releasing thier own tribute to Cymande with 'Nyah-Rock' by Sol Power All-Stars; a mini-supergroup in their own right that features keyboard wiz Daniel Meinecke.  I've been after this release for what seems like 6 months ever since Peter teased us with a preview of 'Genevieve' on one of his radio shows.

The actual release comes as a 5 track special with 'Genevieve' as two magnificent versions; a vocal version featuring Zeek Burse with the Ibibio Horn Section and an organ dub mix.  Whilst I'm saying this is cover version of the year, let's not overlook the rest of the tracks as there's two version's of 'Anthracite' (the dub is like FK NYC 'white label' special) plus the funk-rock-groover, 'Getting It Back' featuring Jean-Francis Varre who really gives it some.

No news as yet of a cover version of 'BRA' but you can hear 'Genevieve' on Pete's recent posting Sol Power Meets Rocksteady Disco At MotorCity Wine 2022/08/07 but then, I think you'll agree, "girl" needs the vinyl version with the brillaint artwork!

Hoping to get a little closer to Peter regarding the label in the near future so stay tuned (so to speak).

Artist: Sol Power All-Stars 

Title: Nyah​-​Rock

Release date: 28th November, 2022

Label : Rocksteady Disco

Catalog Number : 12" LP / Digital / Bandcamp




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