Saturday 12 November 2022

If you've recently discovered the music of singer/songwriter Deborah Jordan from her work with Marc Rapson (on 'I'll See You Again') and K15 plus new remixes by DJ Spinna and Kaidi Tatham, you'll no doubt be surprised that yesterday's release of her debut album, 'The Light' is the first time it's been on vinyl.

I remember that we were so excited after the 7" of 'Nothing Lasts' (prod. Jneiro Jarel) and 'Home' featuring Replife (prod. Marc Rapson & Soulpersona) for the then forthcoming CD  (this was 2009 after all).

Both these tracks are on the reissued album and they don't sound at all dated; particularly 'Home' and 'You Could Be'.   Indeed, all these tracks sound "2022" which is a testament to the love that Mr. Futurisica Music (aka DJ Simon S) put into this as there are tracks produced by Aardvark (appropriately titled, 'This Is The Future' where soul meets hip-hop meets space bruk), Simbad and the ever consistent and still as active as he was when this come out, Atjazz (check out BBE's MF Robots 'The Love It Takes' (Atjazz Remix) if you need any proof).

The mix with the underground soul, hip-hop beats community like Replife, Rise (now better known as Mecca:83) and Kamara was more than a surprise as Deborah was better known back then for being in Silhouette Brown and Robert Mitchell's avant guarde jazz goup Panacea, a relationship that continues to this day as Mitchell has just released his own "Monument" (Gilles Peterson) of a double album called 'The New Resistance' that features Deborah on many of the tracks.

We haven't got an Atjazz 2022 update on 'Let Go' which is great because it is perfect as it was/is along with 'Nothing Lasts', 'Breathe' and the timeless title track.

And now you've seen/heard 'The Light' you can also add vinyl version of her previous solo album 'See In The Dark' and the previously mentioned recent collaboration with K15, 'Human' - both available on Futuristica Music.

Artist: Deborah Jordan 

Title: The Light (2022 Reissue)

Release date: 11th November, 2022

Label : Futuristica Music

Catalog Number FUTLP10

Format : 2 x LP


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