Friday 31 May 2024

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We have been singing and dancing the praises of the Toucan Sounds crew outta "fashionable Williamsberg" for some time now but it's now all about 'You'  by Anthony Nicholson featuring Brandon Markell Holmes and Chris Rob.

We know that these New York based hipsters are big from Brandon's 'Fuller' (see review HERE) and 'Go Ahead' (see review HERE), Dee Diggs, Brolorizo (see review HERE) and the superstars that are muscelcars (album coming soon on BBE).

We don't normally go nuts about a track that's got a Carlos Santana guitar solo but 'You' is a exception so it's a brilliant fusion with some deep house and jazzy synths and keys (provided by Chris Rob) that'll just keep you groovin' in bar and dancefloor.

Little wonder as Anthony Nicholson has been at this a very long time after meeting Ron Trent in 90s (I wish I could find, Nicolson's 'Dance Anthology' from 1999; on Peacefrog, who remembers them?) and whilst I'm no Ron Trent, both the vocal and instrumental versions are over 12 minutes long and I get more excited each time they are played (note: there is a shorter but perfectly formed radio edit also).

Nicholson is originally from Chicago and this release is full of his home town and it's set to be YATM's 2024 theme! Check out Colour & Pitch Sessions this month from Will Sumsuch.

Artist: Anthony Nicholson

Title: You ft. Brandon Markell Holmes & Chris Rob

Release date: 31st May, 2023

Label: Toucan Sounds

Cat. No: YTCW114

Format: Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp

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When came too loud not be loud enough?  When you need to keep 'Too Loud' by Soledrifter (featuring Alexandra Morrision) on repeat... all day!

This is so 'UP' and bouncey you really do want to keep it on all day and it's been so worth the wait since this equally enjoyable 'The Sound Of Life' by Sebb Junior from Papa Records (see review HERE).

I'm not particular well travelled but I did spend a few hours in Halifax (that's the airport in Canada not Yorkshire although I have been there on a wet Tuesday night) and I just find it hard to imagine Soledrifter (Russian born Dmitry Meshcheryakov) pumping out such a knock-out house track (aided by fellow Canadian Alexandra Morrison's low key vocals).  This is so hypnotic, at one stage I thought she was singing "Tim Flowers" instead of "Too Loud" (Ed. what are you on?) and hoping her acid reflux gets better; now there's a thought - acid remix?

This is going to be so big; sorry BIG! Love it.

Artist: Soledrifter feat. Alexandra Morrison 

Title: Too Loud

Release date: 31st May, 2024

Label : Papa Records

Catalog Number : PAPA154 

Format : 12" / Digital / Bandcamp 

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Mr Bongo's art department have got their finger on the button as the image perfectly reflects the debut album by Finn Rees, 'Dawn Is A Melody'.

You might think that this the natural 'jazzy' follow up to Rubel's album 'Palavras, Vol. 1 & 2' (see review HERE) as it comes from the hot-bed of Australian jazz-soul-hip-hop, Melbourne where Finn Rees in based.

The opener, 'Looking Up' is like a lush mix of Cinematic Orchestra and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson's 'Suite For Ma Dukes' which is more than a recommendation in itself.

And this quality continues throughout 'Lagoon', 'Expansions' (like a modern Lonnie Liston Smith). 'It's Behind Me Know' and 'Crossing' all stand-out but it's all in a deep spiritual envelope of the Coltrane's, Funky Herbie and all of Mr. Bongo's back catalogue of sunrise/sunset Brazilian classics (check out 'Between Spaces' - one of ENO's 'Nature' project?).

And then, at the  same time, this has an Aussie bravado; Rees' keyboard skills are joined by Cheryl Durongpitikul (tenor sax), Siwei Wong (harp), Audrey Powne (trumpet and recent album, 'From The Fire', see review HERE), and Allysha Joy on vocals - sounds like a 'Brownswood' super group! 

This is going to crop up on many a 'Best Of 2024' list to come.

Artist: Finn Rees 

Title: Dawn Is A Melody 

Release date: 31st May, 2024 

Label : Mr Bongo 

Catalog Number : MRBCDLP305

Format : LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp
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We've been ontop of all of the latest releases by Nick Marks as he's another out of the Melbourne Skool (check the other big release today on Mr. Bongo, Finn Rees - see review HERE).

This is just as good as 'Cinematic Chromatics Vol.I' (see review HERE) as Cinematic Chromatics Vol.II' features Doron Lev (rap and drums) on 'Keep Goin' Gotta Keep Up' and there's also Andrew Gould (alto sax) who has played with the Ron Carter Big Bad), Dave Levy on trumpet (Norah Jones, LCD Sound System, Robert Glasper and on electric guitar, Danny Hayoun.

With such a level of talent, this is another great fusion of hip-hop, funk, jazz where Weather Report can sit next to Thundercat.

Four great tracks on this EP and so far I've resisted saying, "Top Marks" but this is the time, Nick "Top" Marks is hitting all the doubles 'n' out.

Title: Cinematic Chromatics Vol.II EP

Release date: 31st May, 2023

Label: Independent

Cat. No: -

Format: Digital

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Beware, here's some 'Lights Towards The Exit'.

Were we spoilt by the single, 'Friday' (see review HERE)?  I must admit, I did think we were for a while but the remaining tracks of Atelier's album,'Light Towards The Exit' are a beautiful mix of soft and dark; check the album cover of hard metal escalator with discarded rose which is a bit of a reflection of their soul/electronic/industrial sound.

Atelier is the South African duo Alexander Inggs and Jaś Miszewski who now live in Berlin with a collection of analog synths, drum machines and electronics.

The recent compilation on Compost Records,  'Future Sounds Of Kraut Vol. 2 Compiled by Fred und Luna' (see review HERE) is like a foundation course in 'Lights Towards The Exit' - and throw in some soulful/warped Depeche Mode and some more leftfield club culture and intriguing it is.
'Miss You' and 'Talk To Her' are more immediate whilst 'Metal Head', a sutble 'Trans Europe Express' seems far too short.  Whilst on the high(er) speed track, expect 'Honeysucker' as the next single.

Berlin based label run Lossless have got themselves unoubted talents with Atelier and then is light at the end of the tunnel.

Artist: Atelier

Title: Lights Towards The Exit 

Release date: 31st May, 2024

Label: Lossless

Cat. No: LL12 32

Format: Digital / Bandcamp

I might be getting to sound like a broken record, but BBE Music's eclectic musical taste is as good as ever this year and The Brkn Record's 'The Architecture of Oppression Part 2' celebrates this in so many ways

This is in total contrast to the label's last album, the equally excellent self-titled, Grupo Ébano (see reveiw HERE), The Brkn Record's follow-up to 'The Architecture Of Oppression Part 1' (Mr. Bongo) continues a theme of the fight against the evils and wickedness of Racism in a BLM continuum with a Sun Ra/ Max Roach/Coltrane musical heritage.

The Brkn Record (aka Jake Ferguson) being 50% of founder of the Heliocentrics (along with Malcolm Catto: last seen of the mixing desk HERE) and with his long contacts list has managed to work here with Percee P (Stones Throw Records), poet/author Anthony 'The African Origins Of UFOs' Joseph (last seen HERE) at one extreme and at the other, two young talents from a Ferguson community project in Hackney, Great Okosun and Yolanda Lear.

Much like the first album, Part 2 is a heady mix of jazzy psychedelic soul funk hip-hop spiritual (quite a bit of Alice Coltrane vibe going on) with the Joseph tracks ('Skull Tax', 'Indifference' and the very Heliocentric, 'Intensity In Five') standing out along with the Ugochi Nwaogwugwu tracks ('Believe' and 'Prison Of Skin' in a Indo-Cinematic Orchestra of Ra way) ,the closer, 'The Walls Of Jericho' featuring Dylema and back from Part 1, Jermain Jackson ('We Need Freedom').

If often said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it - this Brkn Record sees the broken in us and these ten tracks are said, "inspires, compels and empowers".  With the continuing state of world affairs, not only do we expect a Part 3, we need a Part 3!

Artist: The Brkn Record
Title: The Architecture of Oppression Part 2
Release date: 31st May, 2024
Label : BBE Music
Catalog Number : BBE766
Format: Vinyl 2xLP / Digital / Bandcamp  

Is there a more consistent jazz space cowboy from Finland than Jimi Tenor? We very much doubt it and the new album with label house band,  Cold Diamond & Mink, is packed with 110 year old Sun Ra spaceways.

Sun Ra might be a founding influence but these six track are far more ingrained with 60s soul with the added benefit of Jimi's flautist excellence.

There might only be six tracks but if you were after some space funk 'n' soul, hip-hop roots this is the place to start a modern appreciation.

Long time fan, Gilles Peterson (BBC 6 Music and lots more) recently played 'What Are You Doing' on his Saturday show  and it's a stand-out 'Saturday Night' ESG/post-punk funk party as the title track is deep blue eyed space soul-jazz.

Cold Diamond & Mink are the Finnish version of Daptone, Menahan Street Band or more recently JJ Whitefield & Forced Meditation (and when I say recent, their album, 'The Infinity Of Nothingness' is out today! - see review HERE) and whilst the vocal/instrumental 'Gaia Sunset ' Parts 1&2 is ideal '45' sized retro space funk, the reduced opus is lo-fi-minimal Motown at it's best.

'Orbiting Telesto' and 'Laputa' are more OST/Joe Meek sideways psych tribute at the Gates of Dawn by cosmic Jim and regular readers will know I not a huge fan of "La, la, laars" but that a  minor gripe when you see them "sweaty and hot" with BBC Radiolab synth alarms ('What Are You Doing').

Jimi always looks to me like a jazz-mod that's lost his space-ship (which is a good thing) and whether it's Jimi's work on the Philophon label, (a label run by JJ's brother, Max Whitefield) like the recent 'My Mind' (see review HERE) or this collaboration, he's an absolute star in our eyes and this is a definite 'Must Have' for 2024.

Artist: Jimi Tenor and Cold Diamond & Mink

Title:  Is There Love In Outer Space?

Release date: 31st May, 2024

Label : Timmion Records

Catalog Number : TRLP12014

Format: LP / Digital / Bandcamp 

New JJ Whitefield on Jazzman Records as he investigates the 'The Infinity Of Nothingness' with Forced Meditation; that's enough recommendation in itself.

My first memory of the "Whitefield" name was in the basement of Record & Tape Exchange in the basement in the locked glass display cabinets so if you were interested, you had to approach the grumpy staff to unlocked the cabinets to check it out.  And in truth, I was more interested in the Madlib/Stones Throw releases it was next to but in for a penny etc. But I noticed that 10 years earlier JJ was remixing cover versions of Andy Bey's classic, 'Celestial Blues' (by Space Clique) and then as a member of Karl Hector & The Malcouns (Now-Again's anwers to Jazzman's The Heliocentrics). And it's taken all these years to fall in that the other Whitefield Brother is ex-Heliocentric/Philophon top man and Jimi Tenor's best mate, Max Weissenfeldt!

So, this album by multi-instrumentalist JJ continues his explorations into the relms of spiritual jazz with Ethio-Afro-psychedelic-free-avante-garde space beats that is more Ra in contemplation than dancefloor.

The B-side is mostly taken by the 3-Part 'Infinity Suite' (Time, Space, Energy) that's very Carlos Niño/Coltrane 'Om'/Sanders without going for the obvious gong bath stereotype.

Whilst at the ther extreme the opener 'Nothingness' is a Fleetwood Mac 'Albatros' on the beach jazz lounger and that's followed by the equally beatiful but more Keith Jarrett/Coltrane in a temple with sax, flutes and gongs, 'Solar Breeze From The East' - did someone say where's Andy Bey?

For more flutey spirit to get lost in for 9 minutes, 'Spectral Realms' that's closer to Ben Lamdin/Nostalgia 77's 'The Loneliest Flower In The Village' (also on Jazzman Records, see review HERE). 

If you are a fan of Jazzman's Spiritual Jazz compilation series, (and No. 16 is coming out soon, 'Spiritual Jazz: Riverside etc.'), his is perfect warm-up for jazz yogi's and anyone else.


Artist: JJ Whitefield & Forced Meditation
Title: The Infinity Of Nothingness
Release date: 31st May, 2023
Label : Jazzman Records
Catalog Number : JMAN 144 180g LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

Friday 24 May 2024

Before Vinícius Jr. came along, how many " Vinícius's did you know?  I'm guessing not many but here's one that you're going to be hearing lots more of; make a note, it's Vinícius Mendes!

So Vinícius Júnior is going to Wembley (with Rael Madrid) but could Mr. Mendes be far behing him?  Coming from the same state in Brasil as Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges, this composer, saxophonist, flautist that's been researching 'Improvisation in Free Jazz and BPIM' since he graduated from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.  On the face of it, doesn't sound too popular but the guys at Notes On A Journey (a sub-label of the all knowledgeable  Sonar Kollektiv and guru Jürgen von Knoblauch of Jazzanova).

So we've got two albums, Vol. 1 recorded in 2021 and Vol. 2 the following year that's a collection of originals and cover versions that's like a create dig of some lost Sergio Mendes (no relation) that Ed Motta would have been proud of - like finding an original Jimi Tenor from Bela Horizonte with a chilled and jazzy Azymuth with a sax/flute.

If that doesn't get you excited, you know Gilles Peterson, Forge, Curtis, Bangs, Beadle, Parnell etc will all be getting wet about the 'Aldeia de Ogum' cover version (it is rather stunning!)  As an aside, I remember hearing the original jazzdance version by Joyce Moreno coming out of a record shop off Chapel Market in Islington some decades ago and I still get excited every time I hear it.

So as we desparately brush up our Latin/funk/soul/MPB/disco/jazz for the summer, put 'Macunaísmo Tardio Vol.1 and 2' top of your 'Must Have' lists.  Whilst it's a push to think Vinícius Mendes will be at Wembley any time soon, could we dream of the next Dingwalls re-union?

Artist: Vinícius Mendes 
Title: Macunaísmo Tardio Vol.1 and 2
Release date: 24th May, 2024
Label : Notes On A Journey
Catalog Number : NEWNOAJ002
Format: 2xLP Limited Edition Gatefold Cover / Digital / Bandcamp 

We've been so lucky recently to have featured new jazz albums from Sweden and here's another that's a revelation and shines a light on Coco Chatru Quartet's 'Future'.

The artwork might be retro (al la Ladybird book covers), Coco Chatru (the Quartets inspiraton, is a legendary Swedish adventurer) and the album was debuted at the Glenn Miller Cafe (this is no Glenn Miller war-time jazz).

So before we look to the 'Future', it's worth a moment to point out that jazz has been in Sweden for nearly 100 years, and whilst it might not be at it's historic peak at the moment, it does seem from this distance that there is a 'revival' similar to the Norwegian Jazzland Recordings or Finland's Ricky-Tick Records 20-25 years ago.  

That's not to say there haven't been some modern Swedish jazz masters like free jazz saxophonist, Mats Gustafsson and more recently, Anna-Maria Nordström band on 'Mod' (see reveiw HEREand Joel Haag's 'Bistro' (see review HERE).

Back to the 'Future', this eight track album is beautifully recorded and there's some big swingin' tracks like, 'På Flykt (x) Genom Djungeln' and the where all four members are on it: being, Linus Kåse (alto sax), Charlie Malmberg (baritone sax), Håkan Trygger (double bass) and Daniel Kåse (drums).

On a different vibe, Swedish bossa mellows out on 'Paubrazil' and at the othe extreme, the two longest tracks (at just over six minutes), 'Tillbaka Till Hytten' is a tender Ayler-esque blues and 'Ner I Djupet' is a killer, baritone sax led film noire OST big band swing in a Quartet setting. 

And it's interesting how swinging horns are supported by drums and bass on 'Kampsång', 'Plötsligt Händer Det' (the one with Håkan's acoustic bass solo) and 'Dagdroppe'.

All songs are their own compositions and when you're as good a musician as these guys are, it could have been easy to have thrown in a quick populist cover version,  That would have have stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb as the Coco Chatru's Jazz Adveturers are cooler than that.

Just going back to history, I don't suppose I can leave out meniton of the adoption of many U.S. jazz musicians in the sixties in Europe, particularly Albert Ayler, Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman in Scandinavia (and importantly, The Ornette Coleman Trio's album, 'At The "Golden Circle", Stockholm' on Blue Note) and CCQ have taken some of that heritage into their Stockholm free-swing on this great album.

Only available on vinyl at the moment so get you're orders in now!

Artist: Coco Chatru Quartet

Title: Future

Release date: 28th March, 2024

Label : Trygger Music

Catalog Number : TM1

Format :  Vinyl LP 

After a while, you'll all be saying, "All I Ever Wanted" was an Atjazz Remix!

Taken from the album, 'Badly Written Songs' (see review HERE), it was one of our favourites for the deepness of those synths and the vocals of Sophia Marshall (Ed. are we're that easy to please?)

Earmarked for a remix release, Atjazz (aka Martin Iverson) has had another two goes a "summer" pop remix and the wider Astro remix. All with instrumental versions all with the original, this is definitely six of the best.

This is your 2024 summer sound right here, so take it that 6 is the new Magic Number.

Artist: Magic Number 
Title: All I Ever Wanted (Atjazz Remixes)
Release date: 24th May, 2024
Label: Atjazz Record Company
Catalog Number: ARC240ADS4,Digital / Bandcamp 
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So 'Summertime / Sunshine Girl' in May gets the YATM the single of the sun salutation award that's going to last from sunrise to sunset.

Coming at the time when Roy Ayers meets Alice Coltrane, the combination of Rhythm Rhyme Revolution (aka Barrie Sharpe and Gareth Tasker) with DJ Tabu

Tasker was there at the start of Pressure Drop's eclectic sound before joining Sharpe's Children Of Judah project and later, Diana Brown & Barry K. Sharpe as seedlings of Brand New Heavies, The Young Disciples and more.  If you put that in a further melting pot of psych, acid jazz, dub, flute gang you get the vibe of what's going on here with this essential release.  AndBBE know it as it's released on a 12" too!

And to move on up from the Balearic beaches, there's 'NuAcid Funk' remixes - a mix of jazz-fund, NuDisco and Acid jazz.

Having worked together since 1987, these guys know what they are doing and this is going to be with us for loads of sunny days to come.

Artist: Rhythm Rhyme Revolution
Title:  Summertime / Sunshine Girl
Release date: 24th May, 2024
Label : BBE Music
Catalog Number : BBE790
Format: Vinyl 12" / Digital Bandcamp  

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With everything in the current state of things, what we all need is some of Fred's 'Love, Care, Kindness & Hope'.

We've already had a feel for Fred Everything's latest album with the increasingly hypnotic, 'Soul Love' featuring the Stereo MC's (see review HERE) on 'Breathe' featuring our local favourite, Alexander James Bright (see review HERE) and the classic sounds of Robert Owen on 'Never'.

And what's even better, Mr. Everything (aka Frédéric Blais) is just as good on the other seven tracks with just Sapele featuring on 'A Long Time Coming' and just as importantly, multi-instrumentalist (but particularly sax and flute) Finn Peters.

In fact, perhaps it's a little surprising that there are not more guest appearances as he's worked with and remixed so many since since debut album came out in 2000, 'Under The Sun' (which itself included the input of Atjazz).  It still sounds like a deep jazzy house that's layered into the grooves of 'Love, Care, Kindness & Hope' along with Peters who was making waves in the original Bruk/jazzy house golden period himself.

Between them they can bring Montreal down to a Detroit boogie flute gang zone ('Hope Is On The Horizon'), move to the modern electronic shuffle of 'A Good Day' and bounce to a Mr. Scruff-style bounce (Evening Ghost).

There's something for everyone who likes a dance and a lazy day on here and I'll definitely be playing out these tracks this summer, especially the happy clap 'Moonrise'; soul love people!


Artist:  Fred Everything
Title: Love, Care, Kindness & Hope
Release date: 24th May, 2024
Label : Lazy Days Recordings
Catalog Number : LZDLP19
Format: LP Digital / Bandcamp 

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By coincidence, I've been playing The O'Jays'  70s classic, 'Love Train' and good folks love to sign along to "People all over the world" etc so with some sort of magnet disco force, "People living today, don't know what love is" 

You don't have to be Gamble and Huff to instantly recognise the hit potential of Magnetic Machines's track "People" but it's here in no less than 5 versions, a couple of edits, an original, club and a dub.

Drenched in old-school funk and disco with "incredible" 80s hip hop bongos, this has summer anthem written all over it.  And just to proove that the forthcoming album, isn't just a one hit wonder, the bonus track 'Find Love' is just as deep with strings and synth funk.

People and people all over the world are going to love this and join hands - remember, music is the healing force of the universe.

Artist: Magnetic Machines
Title: People
Release date: 24th May, 2024
Label : BBE Music
Catalog Number : BBE76582EDG
Format: Digital / Bandcamp  

Thursday 23 May 2024

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One man's 'The End Of Pangea' is another man's dancefloor 3 track EP for the summer!

We thought the release by Be Adult Music of MiraculuM's 'Discoverse' was a great addition to the dancefloor (Ed. And it still is - see review HERE), but Baron Ashler will make a global name for himself with this 3 track EP: 'Pangea', 'Laurasia' and 'Gondwana'.

This is the Baron's world tour to house-up the Ibiza chill beach and synthwaves (particularly on 'Gondwana' with a touch of the operatic vocals), some dreamy Indo-Middle Eastern-Balerics on 'Laurasia' as a wanders down from the church of the Himalayas but for the whole effect, 'Pangea' is my current favourite.

The artwork is equally mesmeric and deserves to be on a 12" sleeve at least - 'organic' is much misused term, but in this case, there is a real growth of a new good; grown up music if you like.

Artist: Baron Ashler 
Title: The End Of Pangea
Release date: 23rd May 2024
Label: Be Adult Music
Catalog Number: BAM363

Wednesday 22 May 2024

There was a 'Hyper Reality' back in 2008 so we've had quite a wait for Clyde Beats to link up with the neighbourhood Atjazz master for 'Hyper Reality 2 (An English Gentleman)'

Naming the difficult 2nd album, 'Hyper Reality 2 (An English Gentleman)’ didn't take much energy and adding 'Beats' to Clyde didn't take a mere 16 years, but the sense of funk for these 15 tracks might have.

'I Love Your Sound' (aka 'ILVURSND') Is a great place to start and a real marker for beats meets house.  As with the post brkn-beat origins, 'Dark World' and 'Snapped' both featuring Jakka Blakes and Manny Mark gets the hip-hop heads a nodding and the bass-bins a-wobblin'; in a Japanese Garden in 'Snapped's case. 

You'll recall OVEOUS from Peacey's 'Play It By Ear' album see review HERE and possibly the deep spoken vocal on Afefe Iku's 'Mirror Dance) and talking of Peacey, he turns up on 'Hyper Reality 2 (An English Gentleman)' on a track called 'Better' which echos some 'golden era' Peven Everett. 

Talking of which, horns are provided by Octavio N. Santos on 'Better', 'Hold Me Back' and 'I Quit' (featuring 5vvanky in explicit and clean versions) and give it that authentic back in the day original sound.

As always, exciting times for all things Atjazz and the album is eagerly anticipated and I can imagine the switchboard buzzin' with remix offers as they used to do back in the day but, I'd say, "Hold Me Back" and lets enjoy this album as it's close to beat perfection.

Artist: Clyde Beats
Title: Hyper Reality 2 (An English Gentleman)
Release date: 22nd May, 2024
Label: Atjazz Record Company
Catalog Number: ARC247ADS1,Digital / Bandcamp 

Sunday 19 May 2024

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Anna-Maria Nordström's new album is no eurovision, it's pure MOD!

And as it's Mod revival month, 1964 and all that / scooter rally to the seaside, Anna-Maria Nordström 'MOD' has more than a touch of 60s jazz-modern to it along with more recent "back in the day" Nordic jazz was that was all about nu-jazz leaders on Jazzland headed by the likes of Bugge Wesseltoft, Wibutee, Sidsel Endresen, Beady Belle and more.

Fans of the vibrazone (Ed. kids, ask your grand-parents) will love this album as singer, composer, arranger, producer literally swings from Norma Winstone to big band bop boarders.

'Det outsagda' is a jazz-dance shuffler that's deep that's in contrast to the angular instrumental 'The Otherside', that's definitely on the other side. And talking of other sides, 'Så säg' sounds like Swedish jazz poetry meets Corey Wilcox whilst there's 'MOD' beats in the 'In Phase' that goes a bit Pat Metheny.

The band, Jonathan Kronevik (trumpet), Johan Jansson (drums), Per Johansson (piano), 
Martin Olsson (bass), Magnus Sjölander (alto saxophone), Per Nilsson (soprano and tenorsaxophone), Jakob Sollerman (trombone), give the album a cross "We Jazz" Big Band and Schema fusion vibe.

There's definitely a lot of jazzy Herbie keys in 'Papa' and the singing the lyrics in Swedish gives it an unusal dynamic (to these English language attuned ears) that could be skating / improvisional.  Did I say fusion, get the Jaco/Thundercat bass on 'Wallys' which is in total contrast to the "big vocal number", 'Början'.

If you love all things Five Corners, Gard Nilssen, Jimi Tenor, Olli Ahvenlahti and more, this album is a must, "We are the MODS!" as you might have heard before. 

Artist: Anna-Maria Nordström 

Title: MOD

Release date: 19th April, 2024

Label: Varva Records and Music

Cat. No: -

Format:  Digital / Bandcamp