Friday 5 April 2024

Atjazz Record Company have excelled themselves with Peacey's debut album as they 'Play It By Ear'.

We've been excited by the earlier singles, 'Playground' featuring Rona Ray (see review HERE), 'Culture Bandit' featuring Vanessa Hidary (see review HERE), 'Hold Me Back' featuring Clyde & Atjazz (see review HERE) that are all including here but we didn't expect another 13 high quality modern soul drenched tracks.

Head straight for 'Falling Down' featuring Sarai Jazz (great name BTW), 'Love In The Forest' featuring OVEOUS (Oh! That's a voice to slip into!), 'Find A Way' and 'Running' featuring Sabrina Chyld, 'The Mandarin Affair' featuring Clyde, 'In The Distance' featuring Laroye and ending with 'Don't Send Us Back' featurig Emilie Chick [as featured on the March Colour & Pitch Sessions mix - see below].  All new names for us to follow in the future.

It's hard to comprehend that this is a debut album as it's so deep throughout that's melds house, R&B soul, nu-jazz beats, boogie in a fusion of Atjazz style pleasure. It's the opposite lightness bass to the dark bass of Timedance/Ilian Tape (see 'BeatutySick' review HERE: wouldn't it be fun if they did remixes for each other?).

This is going to be featured on many a play (it by ear) as tracks like 'Running' and 'Don't Send Us Back' are just perfect for club and radio ('Running would be even better with a 12" version with dub-extensions - watch this space) whilst the Atjazz collab on 'Afternoon Delight' is a heavy post-dubstep UKG jazz up (great trumpet and another that could go super dubby).

Whilst the artwork indicates that this album is 'taken' from lots of different records/vinyl/styles, if you play it by ear, it's mostly definitely Peacey - many thanks 'Dear Uncle Tim' for being an inspiration. 

Artist: Peacey

Title: Play It By Ear

Release date: 5th April 2024

Label: Atjazz Record Company

Catalog Number: ARC230AD Digital / Bandcamp


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