Tuesday 23 April 2024

In case you didn't know, Chris Bangs is the 'Cock Happy' meat in the Gilles Peterson, Eddie Piller jazz sandwich.

Of course, 'Cock Happy' being an early jazz night with Peterson and one of his many projects that are based on jazz-funk/Latin/club dance floors that's kept his ear to the groove for decades.

Thankfully, he still remembers the good old days of Special Branch and summer jazz nights at Bournemouth's #1 spot at the Exeter Bowl (that was also attended by none other than Mike Peden, he of 50% of the J-Jazz Series on BBE, see review of the latest release HERE, Aki Takase Trio, 'Song For Hope', the title track was recently played on IDA Monday morning show outta Talin!)

So yes, one of the highlights of any jazz night would be Flora Purim's 'Empty Faces' but there are now many a versions. This one by on the double A face is fast 'n' furious with twangy Latin guitar with classic vocals al la a pure Sade (in top gear) by Deniese from Brazil.

And I haven't even mentioned the A-side yet!  If you can get a cover version of José Feliciano's 'Affirmation' on a dancefloor, Bangs is the man to do it; José most famously known for his cover of The Doors' 'Light My Fire' of course.

Both tracks are have been on all the big heads playlists around the world (Gilles Peterson, Colin Curtis, Jazzcat , Kev Beadle, Snowboy, Perry Louis, Bob Hill etcso be sure to get a copy of the 7" or the full album, 'Ritmo Da Vida' from which these special edits have been taken - the perfect antidote for Record Store Day.

P.S. For those still waiting for the J-Jazz Masterclass book by Higgins/Peden I'm told it's on it's way, literally on a boat, and look out for a contribution from Mr. Bangs.   

Artist:   Nova Vida (produced by/arranged by Chris Bangs)
Title: Affirmation / Empty Faces ft. Deniese
Release date: 8th April, 2024
Label : CBi Recordings
Catalog Number : CBXV1005
Format: 7" / Digital / Bandcamp 


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