Friday 12 April 2024

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Lynyrd Skynyrd famously requested "Gimme Three Steps", John Coltrane had 'Giant Steps' and Pacal Morais cubic music rally call is, '3 Steps Ahead'.

Morais' vision is to produce a deeper mix of Amapiano (South Africa) and Afro Beats into an Afro Deep House as a "3 Step".

It's a bit like taking 'The Spirit Of Malombo' (see review HERE), merging with the vibe of Deep In Your Soul (see review HERE) and adding some 2-step+1 hype and you've got a 4 track EP that'll keep you guessing.

There's a radio edit and extended version of 'Talk Nerdie' that's a beautiful shuffle on a Afro beach under the buzzin' electronic fire flys with some church organ going on!  This is the most instantly accessible track as the title track is a bit on the moody Nordic Noir dancehall (can you have Dutch noir?) and 'Protegé' is a warped gumboot dance.

Similar to the way Boddhi Satva (last seen HERE with 'Mota Boddhi' and also BBE supported) keeps moving the house goal posts, Morais is on a mission... and it's lots more than 2024 Bucket Hats fashion!

This is going to be big and what all the usual suspects circling to be part of a remix set.

Artist: Pascal Morais 
Title: Altera Vita 
Release date: 12th April, 2024
Label : Batakari/BBE Music
Catalog Number : BAT008
Format: Digital / Bandcamp  


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