Thursday 24 August 2023

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Boddhi Satva is not only a workaholic, he does love a collaboration and on this new release, he's teamed up with the beautiful vocals of Dino D'Santiago who is from the Republic of Cabo Verde (that's Cape Verde to me).

As a tropical island off the coast of Africa, Cape Verde is known for as a holiday destination and home of their annual Jazz Festival.  'Moda Boddhi', is originally on the album 'Manifestation', certainly has a holiday vibe in the form of the new low slung 'Ancestral Neo Soul Mix' and the 'Ancestral Kindred Soul Mix'.

If you're just recovering from WOMAD(UK) Festival, the original 'world' mix with the traditonal sounds of the kora to Congolese Rumba, West African and Afro-Cuban beats is a pure joy: and there's an equally beautify instrumental version.

An absolute 100% contrast to Boddhi's last single, 'Girls' with dancehall's, Busy Signal and whilst I don't think I'm turning into 'Mr Snowflake', listen out for 'Moda Boddhi' to melt your/girls hearts.

Artist : Boddhi Satva & Dino D'Santiago 

Title : Moda Boddhi

Release Date : 25th August, 2023

Catalog Number : BAT006SDG5

Label : BBE Music / Digial / Bandcamp


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