Friday 4 August 2023

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In typical eceletic Wah Wah 45s fashion, their connection with Norway is a bit of a strange northern hemisphere circle to square but it's easy to see why it exists as their latest release is Espen Horne's 'Bergen Sunrays' featuring Selim Mutic.

Clearly, Bergen's reputation of the Manchester of the North has been transposed into a slow burn soul-jazz Gil Scott-Heron weatherman vibe and that's got to be cool.

And it comes with a heavier-synth, Session Victim remix for a Bandcamp Friday Bonus!

This is apparently Espen's first solo project in his own name since 1999 so it seems appropriate his old mates at Wah Wah 45s will be releasing the album, 'Anatomy of Serene Eloquence' later this year.

Artist: Espen Horne feat. Selim Mutic

Release: Bergen Sunrays
Release Date: 4th August, 2023
Label: Wah Wah 45s
Catalog Number: Digital / BANDCAMP


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