Tuesday 1 August 2023

Whilst Will Sumsuch didn't play the original version of 'Don't Fool Yourself' on the March Colour & Pitch Podcast, I can almost guarantee he'll play one of these remixes on his show this month.

This is so summer and the '7 Anniversary' compilaton that Be Adult Music released (see review HERE) was more than full of great tracks like Cedric Salander' 'Essence' and 'A Soul' by Paul Losev.

The Vincnezo remix make it even more summery (if that's possible? Certainly enough to make the August Colour & Pitch mix - see below), the Mass Digital remix has emphasised the synth-pop side of the 80s vocal and then Cedric Salander raises his profile with an upbeat Baleraic style that's a whispy as the artwork.

Best of the lot is Missfeat's own retouch mix just to press home how good the original is and at a proper 7 mins plus length.

So, 'Don't Fool Yourself' and enjoy this new addition to the dancefloor. 

Artist: Missfeat

Title: Don't Fool Yourself (The Remixes)

Release date: 3rd August, 2023

Label; Be Adult Music

Catalog Number: BAM321


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