Friday 25 August 2023

If you're lucky enough to find 'Trouble With A Capital T', in life, the chances are that you're likely to find double trouble with capital 'T's, "TT" you might say.  Well, the good folks at F*CLR Music have found their 'TT' in the form of a NKK.  

And it is in those Lothian streets you'll find a Natasha Kitty Katt remix. I didn't hear this at last week's We Out Here Festival (Ed. that was last week so please stop going on about that now) but if I had, I know that the tent/field would have erupted in post-The Communards NRG synth disco 80s pop boogie frenzy.

You may know Natasha by reputation from disco/house residencies at high profile gigs such as Glitterbox, Soul Heaven, Southport and more; so when you add that talent to some additional production work by the North Street West crew, we're talking some serious disco fun even with a longer 'club vocal' and 'club instrumental' versions plus "two left feet".

But don't forget the original version (see review HERE) and, talking of which, if you're still around Edinburgh after the Festival in September, check out the Voodoo Rooms as this is where Mr Malik's new album, 'Proxima Ebony'  is going to have a launch party (check the details HERE) along with the magnificent Jo Wallace (Ramrock in all its forms), Shuya Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive and WeOutHere) plus Natasha Kitty Kat and no doubt members Ramrock's Scottish contingent of The Jennifer Ewan Band (see review HERE and HERE) will show up to have a great time.

Artist: Joseph Malik 

Title: Trouble with a Capital T - The Natasha Kitty Katt Remix Ep [Additional Productions by North Street West]

Release date: 25th August, 2023

Label: F*CLR Music

Cat. No: FCLR026

Format: Bandcamp / Digital


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