Friday 18 August 2023

A few years ago, it was 'I Never Knew A Hell Like You' by the Soulnaturals but this summer, it's a big change as 'I Found Love In A Discotheque' featuring CeCi Munette is rocking the house.

The DJs out there will probably prefer the sparcer Hotmood Remix whilst the original version is ready for radio plays as well as the dancefloor.

For a new track, it's impressive that it's so 70s (when did anyone last go to a Disco ever lone a Discoteque?) and it's clearly the Soulnaturals happy place as the forthcoming album is called, 'Parlo Discoteca?'

And whilst this is being released on the British Soul Standard label, Ms. Munette is a soul/gospel singer from San Diego which is a long way from The Royalty, Southgate which is where you'd have likely to have found "love" and some of Soulnaturals current fans like DJs Peter Young, Andy Peebles and Craig Charles.

But you don't hae to be old to love this and the nu-disco folks will be hammering the Hotmood remix.

Title: Soulnaturals Ft. CeCi Munette

Title: I Found Love In A Discotheque inc. Hotmood Remix

Release date: 18th August, 2023

Label : British Soul Standard

Catalog Number : BSS0022 Digital / Bandcamp 


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