Thursday 17 August 2023

The Dept. of Corrections Board on Lothian Road have been kept busy for a number of years by these two; Ewan, Jennifer (5'9") and Tebble, Kim (6'1") as they continue to convert innocent music fans to the sound of Cajun and Zydeco that's now the craze on the streets as "Celtic Cajun".

And it's very potent stuff as it's captured the hearts and minds of Ramrock Red Records way, way south of their Edinburgh base 
[in fact, Jo Wallace 'discovered' them]

This 3 track EP is somewhat of a taster as the band consist of singer/songwriter/guitarist Jennifer, Cajun vet Kim Tebble (accordion/flute), Jamie Hogg (bass) and Paul Dennington (percussion).

What gives these guys the edge is that there is a Scottish undertone to their sound, I wouldn't go as far as what loveable rogues Frankie Miller or Alex Harvey added to their rock sound but Jennifer knows what a single end and a wee heavy are as her unmisstakable vocals attest.

And is it a coincidence, many years ago, Mr Ramrock (Ashley Beedle) did a remix of Edwyn Collins' 'You'll Never Know (My Love)' so don't be surpised if 'Falling' is high on his target list.  But if you're into more traditional Scottish Folk dancing with the Cajuns, you'll be ready for 'Are You Ready For The Swamp'.  'The Swamp'! is it the new dance sensation in Louisianna?

For those that long for a revival of French creole punk swing jazz of Les Negresse Vert, you'll know that there's more than something right about 'Something Ain't Right'; lets get 'em at the playing live on tour very soon.

Really hope that they make it onto the bill for the Gloucester Cajun & Zydeco 30th Anniversary Festival (26-28 January) next year as the band will have 'em dancing in the swamp and could they add haggis and 80/- to the menu?  

Artist: The Jennifer Ewan Band 

Title: Something Ain’t Right EP

Release date: 18th August, 2023

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRR049

Format: Bandcamp / Digital


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