Friday 25 August 2023

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Bearfunk have been a bit quiet of late but when you need "the soundtrack to a fictional long-lost 1970s  TV sci-fi series", they know where to go to find the 'Available Forms'; that's right! it's the Tobor Experiment!

If you've not got it yet, think Gabrielle Drake in UFO with Barbarella catsuits and wigs at the space synth disco and you'll nearly be there (as per the fantastic artwork).

Hard to believe it's has been 12 years since the last album, the 'Tobor Experiment Disco Experience' ['Tobor Experiment' being synth-geek Giorgio Sancristoforo] but it's definitely been worth the wait for any Italian OST fans at a time when 'Tomorrow's World' were confidently predicting the future of space/time/travel/disco it's eventually arrived in the shape of this album that will make you wanna get the reel-to-reel hi-fi systems out on the wooden sideboards whilst you put on your velvet jazz smoking jacket.

The opener, 'Lowpass Risotto' owes more to the jazz standard 'Take Five' than Delia Derbyshire but the title track really gets the pulse racing with the sax/jazz guitar/synths.
'Moonscape Dust' is more mambo lounge jazz club but there's so much cool about this as the titles indicate, 'Venue Modularistic Riff', 'Halgatron' and 'Up!' (these last two sound a bit more 60s synth-mod to me, if there is such a thing)

So whilst this might sound overly retro; Jimpster has just done a remix of something similarly jazzy so, like the track 'Tave Five' itself, it's all very now (Ed. DJ Paul Murphy would definely agree) and anyway, all the tracks are soaked in groovey space disco like ''Signal From Planet Meta' and 'That Synth Of Yours'.

Even if you're not lost in the re-occuring revolving worlds of 1970s Jonny Trunk, The Prisoner (Patrick McGoohan), Richard E's Saturn Radio, Jean Jaques Perry's 'EVA'  and/or The Simonsound, this is an album for you; now, where's my space helmet and gold lame catsuit?

Artist: Tobor Experiment

Title: Available Forms

Release date: 25th August, 2023

Label : Bearfunk

Catalog Number : BFKLP036 Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp


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