Friday 26 January 2024

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Could this track possibly relate to a Lion of Lisborn? I think not as Kameelah Waheed takes the lead on 'Be A Lion', the new single by Joseph Malik on the Ramrock Red label.

"Philly's finest" appeared a few times on YATM last year, not only on Malik's "Album Of The Year", 'Proxima Ebony' (see review HERE) but also Andrew Sant's 'Love Honor Respect' (see review HERE) and on Sumsuch & Will Brock's' Don't Know Where I'm Going' (see review HERE).

This is for all "lionesses" everywhere as although the instrumental version is pretty powerful with string ladden funk, the Nasty P kutz don't distract from Kameelah's vocals (or the very nice old skool East Coast hip-hop cover graphics).

Mr. Malik might have grown up into the soulful legend he is today but there's no hidding the original Mk1 B-Boy swagger here so if you've got the album, you need this single - if you've not got the album, get both.

P.S. There's still some time before the transfer window closes but I can confirm exclusively that we're not in any negoitations to buy out our Ramrock/F*CLR contract, quite the opposite as we've re-signed in what's been described as a "win-win" situation - you might say, "Come on you Lions/Lionesess"!

Artist: Joseph Malik 

Title: Be A Lion ft Kameelah Waheed 

Release date: 26th January, 2024

Label: Ramrock Red

Cat. No: RRR056

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

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Afro-house pre-orders for Sunset Gathering's 'Isimanga' by Aytiwan & Lizwi have been dominating charts this New Year already so no it's time to get your hands on the actual release.

You'll recall we've just had the Afro-house hit of Nico Efstratiou's 'Ndibize' as remixed by Aytiwan which followed the two mega remixes from Aytiwan  (who you will recall was called on to do the remix for David Hopperman's 'Mire' (including a Diamond Dealer Remix)(see review HERE). 

I hope there's going to be a longer version (Ed. is that because the original is nearly 7 minutes long?) or a remix with a vocal soundclash with Athimux that'd be a great mix elongates the track and adds a mystical tension vs. the South African 'tribal' Lizwi. 

Not sure if the cover image is a vision of the "Belgian Afro House architect" (that's Aytiwan) dream discotech as the sunset gathers but 'Isimanga' is definitely anthem bound.

Artist: Aytiwan & Lizwi 

Title: Isimanga

Release date: 26th January, 2024

Label : Sunset Gathering

Catalog Number : SG75

Format: Digital  
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I predict that you'll be in '2 Positions' after delving into the Sean McCabe Remixes and it won't be now forgotten New Year resoluation downward facing dog or Visvamitra's pose!

Last year, one of Foliage's 'go-to' people was Sean McCabe (see the review review with Turbojazz HERE and with the 'Don't Look Down' monster HERE) whilst it's Atlanta native Jill Rock Jones third venture on Foliage after 'Tell The Story' (with Daz-I-Kue) and 'I Don't Like' with The Realm.

These remixes are more deep house west London than MrMilkDee's South African origins but it's five versions including a dubstrumental and an instrumental which rightly shows of the synths and tinkering piano.  In fact, the 'Cosmos Dub' is a cross between those BRUK/Township flavas and it'll be charing on a dancefloors very soon.

Well there's only one position to be in this camp and it's getting up to the top for MrMilkDee,Jill Rock Jones and Sean McCabe remix. 

Bound to be featured on this months' Colour & Pitch Sessions mix by Sumsuch, this remix package is a must have; and that's all versions!

Artist: MrMilkDee & Jill Rock Jones 

Title:  2 Positions (Sean McCabe Remixes)

Release date: 26th January, 2023 

Label: Foliage Records

Cat. No: FN097

Format: Bandcamp / Digital

Friday 19 January 2024

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From a label that's celebrating it's 25th year, that "rediscovered" Dele Sosimi and has brought us many a "must have" release, a new voice originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, that's now resident in North London via the home of Northen Soul, Wigan! What sort of musical vices has she discovered.

As the label admits, it's a glorious "smorgasbord of experimental styles fusing aspects of soul, high life, bossa-nova, jazz and reggae" with a big side of Sade (happy 65th this week BTW) and Red Hot Chilli Peppers (when they were good).

The band consists of Jasmine Burton (bass), Alex Karakurt (drums), Tawanda Manika (guitar), Olivia Cuttill (trumpet), Max Rodriguez (rhythm guitar) along with the singer/songwriter/arranger/guitarist.

She'll be playing incredibly innovate Grow in Hackney Wick (near the Copper Box Arena) on 2nd February along with legend Vanessa Freeman (last seen with Reel People, see review HERE), label head honcho Dom Servini (last seen, by me that is, at WeOutHere Festival orchestrating the main stage) and more Wah Wah 45s favourites.

This new single follows 'Heights Of Love' (see review HERE) so we're getting excited at the prospect of a debut album for what is definitely a long way from Wigan, pier or otherwise: did I ever tell you of my pilgrimage to Wigan Pier or the snowed off game at Springfield Park? Another time eh!

Artist: Léa Mondo 
Release: Vices
Release Date: 19th January, 2023
Label: Wah Wah 45s
Catalog Number: Digital / BANDCAMP
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Stripped Down Records get Robert Babicz back with a double banger for New Year!

We loved the re-emergence of Madrid De Los Austrias on Stripped Down Records last year (see review HERE) along with all their other releases and 2024 looks like another deep delve as long time favourite, Robert Babicz, turns up with his perchant for acid, techno, big beat, jungle, minimal and many stops in-between.

Now based in Malta, after spending most of the past 30 years absorbing electronic music in Germany and around the globe of house music. No wonder that Stripped Down Records wanted to start the year with 'Mahoya' and 'Liquid Gold'.

'Mahoya' leads the way for 8 minutes with a mix of space beams and multi-lingual haunting confident femaie vocals .whilst 'Liquid Gold' pumps it up a little for the clubs (although both tracks have their place in all environments) with what's been described as "muted acid" [Mr. Babicz was/is aka Rob Acid].

I'm confident that there's a longer 'Liquid Gold' in there as it's a proper dancefloor weaver - ideal for any island rave and the label and artist are an obvious coloboration for more great releases like this.

Artist: Robert Babicz

Title: Mahoya / Liquid Gold 

Release date: 19th January, 2024 

Label : Stripped Down Records 

Catalog Number : STRD030 Digital 

Friday 12 January 2024

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Afro House to go with South Africa's Nico Efstratiou's latest single 'Ndibize' featuring the vocal talents of Athimux.

The original version is a perfect soulful balance of the pair's talents to get the new year started.

The release also has two mega remixes from Aytiwan  (who you will recall was called on to do the remix for David Hopperman's 'Mire' (including a Diamond Dealer Remix)(see review HERE) who elongates the track and adds a mystical tension.

The Mahandana remix is currently our favourite as it's deep in percussive ambience (Ed. is that because it's over 7 minutes long?)

Must find out if Belgium international Youri Tielemans (and currently a Lion) is a fan of Afro-house, would love to DJ at his Xmas/New Year Party next year.

Artist: Nico Efstratiou feat. Athimux

Title: Ndibize (incl. Aytiwan, Mahandana Remixes)

Release date: 12th January, 2024

Label : Deep In Your Soul

Catalog Number : DIYS016 Digital / Bandcamp 
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A new name to us, Anni Kiviniemi Trio's new album 'Eir' is 'new' in terms of jazz trio albums that needs to be heard. 

Anni clearly has a 'jazz' in its widest sense view of a trio album that is aided here with the talents of  bassist Eero Tikkanen and drummer Hans Hulbaekmo from Gard Nilssen's Supersonic Orchestra and Moskus (you'll recall the GNSO's 'Family' album from last year, see review HERE).
The UK based composer/pianist has certainly cramed much into these eight original tracks with neo-classical to avant garde, light and dark, quirky and smooth, Scandi-North African folk but the common theme is outstanding class; particularly my favourite track, 'Atoms'.
Already booked for the We Jazz Festival later this year, keep your eyes open for this soon to be famous name on the jazz circuit.

Artist: Anni Kiviniemi Trio 
Title: Eir
Release date: 12th January, 2024
Label : We Jazz Records
Catalog Number : WJLP58 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Thursday 4 January 2024

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Everybody knows 3 is a magic number but when your patent comes in, that's a Lucky 7 in betting terms so put your money on this one to be the first big 'un of the New Year.

So this is not just you're average EP of 3 tracks as we have:-

1. Sumsuch and Kanedo featuring RubenS on with 'Seaside Memories'

2. Kanedo on his own with 'With You'

3. Lucky Sun and Kanedo with 'T's Groove'

You may spot a similarity with the cover to that of the compilation of last year, 'Deep House Lovers' on the same label (see review HERE) and these new tracks feel deep [no pun etc] in that cross the Balearics afro-beach goove.

If you need to catch up, Lucky Sun's 'Balance' was also out last year (see review HERE) that featured Alison David and the Kanedo & Sumsuch remix of 'Sunset' so who knows how good that'd all be if they ever got in the same studio all at the same time?

Artist: Kanedo, Sumsuch, Lucky Sun 

Title: Deep Patterns

Release date: 4th January 2024

Label: Be Adult Music

Cat. No: BAM345

Format: Digital / Bandcamp