Thursday 14 September 2023

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How many times to you hear on TV folks say, "It's all about [the] family"? Well, when it comes to Gard Nilssen's Supersonic Orchestra and We Jazz Records, it literally is all about the new double LP. 'Family'.

And "supersonic" the orchestra is - all 17 of 'em!

This set was recorded live at the Mondriaan Jazz Festival in Den Haag, Netherlands: it's not in the Congress Centre so I'm a little surprised they were able to get all these guys on the stage.  That said, it does seem to have made the music/atmosphere quite cosy, like being in a family of loved ones, even if there's a break out of some musical skirmishes at times.

Fans of We Jazz will know what to expect as it's modern jazz of Scandanavian discent (that Cherry, Ayler, Coleman influence) done today.

When the single 'The Healing Force Of The Trojan Horse' was released, I said "[I'm not going to be able to say this often] It's on the set list for We Out Here Festival on Friday!" and it was; surprisingly not a longer version on the album (at a mere 4:29s) it's the shortest track whilst the longest 'Dolphin Disco' (11:33s) and  'Spending Time With Ludde' (10:14s) are my personal favourites.

There's so much brass on 'Supersonic' it could be by a brass band from Houston and they explode on 'SP68' climax.  But the whole album is so good that you don't have to like Big Band Jazz/US High School/Uniiversity bands/Marching Bands etc to get this; ask Karem Gokmen (Dubmission) this is just a great album as each of the 8 tracks is crammed full of jazz.

Whilst it's not going to winning next years' Mercury Prize, (well done Ezra Collective for winning this year as the first 'Jazz' album), it might win a Scandanavian equivalent; still a few gigs to catch them live this year if you are lucky enough to be anywhere near them with a ticket. 

20.10. Stockholm Jazzfestival (SE)

22.10. Skopje Jazzfestival (MK)

2.12. We Jazz Festival, Helsinki (FI)

How does it go, "We(Jazz) are Family".

Artist: Gard Nilssen's Supersonic Orchestra
Title: Family
Release date: 15th September, 2023
Label : We Jazz Records
Catalog Number : 2XLP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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