Friday 1 September 2023

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Much talk of Hip Hop 50 this year as the music family lots to the originators; it was great to see Grandmaster Flash and David 'Ram Jam' Rodigan bigging each other up; no doubt Rodigan would argue they'd be no hip-hop without ska/reggae music.

And I mention this as Super Duty Tough Work (SDTW) release a single ahead of the forthcoming album, 'Paradigm Shift'.

Fans of Jazz-loop-trip (JLT) are going to love 'Quiet Strength' as it brings samples/beats from, unusally, a live gig environment into headphones

Whilst 'New Sight' is like their BRUK/DnB workout where you can here the benefit of being a live band; especially on the instrumental versions.  On that subject, check out the clean and instrumental versions of 'Dirty Hands' and 'Mood Swings' that's released as a single; any track ('Mood Swings') that references Ronnie Foster and the Tube (London) is cool with us!

And, I keep coming back to 'Guillotine Dreams' which gives a view to [now out-of-date; but not really, "God Save The Queen"] from a Canadian perspective as (with some serious Detroit influences), what they're getting at is, a paradigm shift.

This is going to excite fans of the Peter Franks Goup (see review HERE) and BCUC (see review HERE) in equal measure and yet another label to keep an eye on.

Artist: Super Duty Tough Work 

Title: Paradigm Shift 

Release date: 8th September, 2023

Label: Next Door Records 

Cat. No: NDR

Format:  Vinyl (Limited Gold) / CD / Digital / Bandcamp


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