Wednesday 13 September 2023

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Can't believe it's nearly been a year since 'Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow' was released and the year before, we were excited about the release of Monzanto Sound's debut on None More Records, 'Time Lapse' EP, asking, "Where has all the post-punk-funk gone?" And even then, the tracks themselves were also neo-soul-jazzy and much more.  

'Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow' (see review HERE),has a fair amount of influences from  ESG to Kraut-rock to Erykah Budu along with reggae/dub; so what will you get on the remix?

Well, there's some might fine new age steppas on 'Tricksters' (Monzanto Sounds meets Natty Wylah) in original and dub versons whilst 'Eja' goes about bit more dubby jazz dream on the David Okumu remix ("You know Dave Okumu?" Yes I do, another who's been in many groups that's got the 'Gilles Peterson approved' badge).

I can't say I know Waz but he's morphed 'The Letter' from the kraut-rock to the kraut-techno-ambient-dub which is quite something and I think it's possibly my favourite of the four tracks save for 'Tricksters'. 

Monzanto Sound are the Alt.Ezra Collective and I'm ready for the Hectic Extensions as you can't have too much of these tracks. 

Artist: Monzanto Sound 

Title: Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow Remixed

Release date: 15th September, 2023

Label: None More Records

Cat. No: -

Format: Digital


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