Wednesday 13 September 2023

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One of many reasons why I've never wanted to learn Brasilian/Portuguese is that I'm more than willing to accept that Ana Frango Elétrico real name is Ana Frango Elétrico... that is, until you're told that it translates as 'Ana Electric Chicken'!

But all is forgiven for that small 'pop' foopah when you discover that she is one of the leaders of Bala Desejo (yes, they of the best new Latin/Brazilian album in years, 'Sim, Sim, Sim' - see reveiw HERE) and that her new album is coming out soon.

'Electric Fish' (or should that be 'Peixes Elétrico'?) is the lead track and it's full of pop-boogie disco that'd be on the dancefloor of Blackpool Mecca as it's got touches on modern Northern Soul - think of it as Colin Curtis / Patrick Forge love child (if you can).

'Insista em Mim' (no translation available) is like the slowed down version but it's clear that this lady likes her funky soul a la Deodato as does her talented band which includes Alberto Continentino (who plays bass with Caetano Veloso), Sergio Machado (drummer of Negro Leo’s band) and Guilherme Lirio (who plays electric guitar in Gilberto Gil’s band).

The radio edit of 'Electric Fish' is sung in English which is just as good as the original.

Get onboard with this release now as by the time the album comes out in October ('Me Chama de Garo Que Eu Sou Sua') she'll be a big star..erm, should that be a big fish?

Artist: Ana Frango Elétrico

Title: Electric Fish / Insista em Mim

Release date: 13th September, 2023

Label : Mr Bongo

Catalog Number : MRB273R

Format :  Digital / Bandcamp


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