Thursday 7 September 2023

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The concept of 'Reference Point' is Mark GV Taylor's vision of soul, jazz, disco, Latin, MPB, soundtrack, library, AOR and lots of other genres that are just great music. 

Mark joined forces with like minded friend, George Arthur they've put together a 15 track compilatiom that spans the 'Paul Hillery presents We Are The Children of the Setting Sun' (see review HERE) to Mr Bongo's Record Club to more upbeat tracks that move the dancefloor.

When was the last time you heard Joe Thomas?  Probably the disco monster 'Plato's Retreat' but that's 'cheese' compared to the his track represented here, 'A Place In Space'.

But Joe isn't the only star of the 70s here but at the other extreme is BBE's very own MF Robots' 'Make The Call' (and these guy's are not there only fans, see review HERE).

Back in the land of peace and love, who are the Astronauts, etc?  What a brilliant demo version 'I Know' is and put's their cover of Smiles' 1971 psych/folk track 'Just A Star' in the shade (and that 2019 Record Store Day release is selling at silly prices already so what price 'I Know'?)

And then there's the late night blues jazz of the JR Quintet (I don't know either) and talking of old hippies (well, perhaps not that old) Shawn Lee has done a mix of Kirk Reed's 'California' (with a reference to "Neil's 'Heart of Gold'" - that's Young of course). 

Yet another fantastic compilation from BBE and another with the problematic 'Hillery' issue that each track is so good it becames you favourite on the album but sticking my neck out, wait 'til you hear Bugs Beddow! And then there's The Ambassador College Band with The New World Singers and the folk-jazz-funk-AOR of April Fulladosa; yikes, I'm at it again, I repeat, wait 'til you hear Bugs Beddow! 

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Reference Point compiled by Mark GV Taylor and George Arthur 

Release date: 8th Septemaber, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE651 2xLP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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