Thursday 14 September 2023

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You can see why Sampology is into this as jazz-loop-trip that Sun Ra would be proud of as Charlie Hill releases his 'Yore EP'.. 

There's so much great music coming out of Brisbane (and New Zealand) as 'Philly' is another great mix of BRUK/World/Jazz-Funk and our favourite, 'Space For Space' as spiritual jazz meets hip-hop vibes that so popular these days.

And Charlie likes his house too as 'Orleigh Sun' is his 4x4 drives to the classic Carlos Niño/Daedelus/Life Force Trio period and 'Her Four Thorns' is a little bit more experimental.

'Yemlaad' (Ed. is that a Black Country saying?) is more bass wobble-ish meets Mia Toi Dodd so that's one more for clubs/NTS than say, TWR but there's loads here to keep Charlie HIll in your charts for a while yet.

Artist: Charlie Hill

Title: Yore EP 

Release date: 15th September, 2023

Label : Middle Name Records

Catalog Number :  Digital / Bandcamp 


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