Monday 4 September 2023

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Is it me but the future of anything is becoming a more difficult concept than ever before and if you add 'Sounds of Kraut' to that, the only thing that's definite in such a phrase is 'sound' itself.

So, let's start with the past as the sounds of kraut that we all know and love is the electronic type symbolised by Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Can, Neu, Amon Düül; and immediately there's no definite connection between them so if we use the 'perceived' connections of kraut; synths, instrumentals, machines, German/English language its perhaps the starting point that Fred und Luna started at with this project?

Fred und Luna you'll recall as the makers of 'Im Fünfminutentak' on Compost Records earlier this year (see review HERE) and "they" have put together six previously unreleased tracks by new artists that are happily 'kraut' and 6 from better known ones that have been labelled 'kraut' in the past; like I-Cube (represented here with 'Vantableu'), Sanki Otten and Pyrolator.

If you think this is a non-starter, check out 'Elkamonious Split' by Higamos Hogamos presents SPACEROCKS (don't you just love them names) and's 'Gilgamesh Mata Hari Duo's tribute 'Florian Schneider-Esleben' which is so perfect, you'd think it was Ralf & Florian.

There was a time when techno/minimal was all about the re-forming of the kraut legacy but with this compilation, Fred und Luna have focused on the repeatative synth style of Kraftwerk (pre vocal pop period)/Eno's favourites Harmonia and Cluster; check out these track titles 'Hymne der melancholischen Programmierer' (you can guess how Sanki Otten envisages that one) and the brilliant rockin' steam train, 'Die Geschichte vom heißgelaufenen Reißwolf' (Pyrolator); the exception being the one track with vocals, Oranza Ray's 'Preen Scene'.

So Neu Retro you might say, but I'll not be wanting to miss out on Vol. 2 that's promised later this year plus, as ever, the label have excelled themselves with the artwork which is a collage made by Norika Nienstedt (Düsseldorf) that's worth having in it's own right.

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Future Sounds Of Kraut Vol. 1 compiled by Fred und Luna

Release date: 1st September, 2023

Label: Compost Records

Cat. No: CPT 621-1

Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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