Thursday 7 September 2023

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If you ever wondered where Prince left the spirit of funk, wonder no more as Nik West has found it and channelled that and more into this new album, 'Moody'.

This is Funk & Soul for the likes of Craig Charles and i suspect he'll be on the instant party classic, 'We Got The Funk 4 You'.

But the mood (no pun etc) can change, as there's a fair amount of 'pop' in here like a Bruno Mars or a bass playin' female Lenny Kravitz (now there's a thought).

And if that's not enough to blow your trunk of funk up, 'Thumpahlean' features none other than the Godfather of Graham Central Station; Sir Larry Graham (he's 'up there' with George Clinton).

At the other extreme is the ballad 'Tears' and the big hair 80s rock of 'Nothin' To It (But To Do It)' and 'We Can Do It' that features Cindy Blackman-Santana (drums) and Lari Basilio (guitar solo); Ms. West certainly has some big muso mates.

As she says in the lyrics of the title track, "Don't try to figure me out" so we won't as we already know enigmatic is spelt with n·i·k·w·e·s·t in it.

She's on tour in Europe in September/October so that'll will well worth checking out as it'll be more funky fun than moody.

Artist : Nik West

Title : Moody

Release Date : 7th September, 2023

Catalog Number : Queen Of Strings

Label : Digial / Bandcamp



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