Friday 12 July 2024

Attilio Zanchi's interpretations have been given the once over by DJ Farrapo and its the current must have in your jazz dance box.

We've just had Zanchi's album 'Mingus Portrait' (see review HERE) and we were wondering how the Right Tempo off-shoot (Right Tempo PRO) were going to follow the instant classic first release, RT 0001 PRO, 'Seasons In My Mind (Remixes)' by Yellowtail featuring Mark Murphy (see review HERE). 

Well, I can't say that they gone even better, but it's pretty close as DJ Farrapo has provided a jazz shoe friendly version of 'Boogie Stop Shuffle' that was already Jazz Room friendly to start with, plus a dub version and two versions of 'For Harry Carne'.

DJ Farrapo is best known in these parts as being 50% of DJ Farrapo & Yanez with their 7", 'Baiano Vem Baiano Vai' / 'Dubaiano' that came out when Paul 'Jazz Room' Murphy was running Afro Art.

Expect to hear this on my Radio WOMAD mix and all the other DJ suspects, Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge, Kevin Beedle, Ashley Beadle, Colin Curtis, Colin Parnell, Paul Murphy (himself) and many more!

Artist: Attilio Zanchi 
Title: Mingus Portrait (DJ Farrapo Remixes) 
Release date: 10th July, 2024 
Label : Right Tempo Pro
Catalog Number : RT 002 PRO 
Format :Vinyl/ Digital / Bandcamp
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Get this now before they run out!

Such was the response to the album 'Durkus' (see review HERE), We Jazz Records have gone the extra mile, well 7", with two glorious tracks.

You'll see I said 'Sao Paolo' puts Teppo "Teddy Rock" Mäkynen (aka The Stance Brothers' as "super cool nu-jazz hip-hop Malib vs. Mizell Brothers of the north".

The a-side being drenched in Roy Ayres and the new track on the flip, proper Bobby Hutcherson.

What may come as a surprise is that The Stance Brothers also come in the guise of a four piece band and they'll be appearing at the Odysseus Festival and the Flow Festival in Finland this summer.

Artist: The Stance Brothers

Title: Sao Paolo / Timmy

Release date: 12th July, 2024

Label : We Jazz Records

Catalog Number : WJ0719

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 

Thursday 11 July 2024

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Here's some Balearic Headspace that's going to put you in seventh heaven.

When you're as well connected as Midnight Riot (aka Yam Who?), who was best buds with Ashley Beedle on the remix at one time, you're going to getting some upfront action in your inbox.

And he's some Balearic Headspace for you that half slips back to where he started over ten years ago with 'Slo-Mo Cuts and Late Night Tales', a Toni Rossano Re-Edit of David Dingess' 'Hyper Love' (super funky bass and slighty 'Space Princess' meets Ned Doheny), the bouncey 'Greatest Treasure' by Fuga Ronto, and some reggae-disco cover version of 'Inspector Norse' by Cruisic as remixed by Slowly; the original being by Todd Terje (was that really 2012?)

This is going to sell for the Inspector Norse track on it's own but for the real headspace, what'd'ya reckon to a Tom Moulton Mix of 'The Is Carribbean Disco'?  And it is what it says on the tin!

The full compilation features Jaegerossa, Danny Kane feat Jack Tyson Charles, Dominic Dawson, Sweetooth, Thorgan Woolf, Ziggy Phunk, Vapor Caves & many more is exclusively available over at Traxsource.

Artist: Various
Title: Balearic Headspace Volume 7 - Limited Sampler
Release date: 12th July, 2024
Label : Midnight Riot
Catalog Number : 

Wednesday 10 July 2024

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So, you've got your Desert Boots ready to go to WOMAD festival but make sure you pack the latest digital single from Batov Records.

Batov Records could have filled my WOMAD (25-28th July, Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Whiltshire) mixtape on their own (especially after Sababa 5 & Yurika's 'Kokoro' - see review HERE) but this latest offering is a bit sideways for the being the sneak previous of a forthcoming album from Mamman Sani (synths) and Tropical Camel (assorted electronics).

'Nomadic' is a Middle Eastern reggaefied groover, a bit like their version of William Onyeabor, and you can't get more WOMAD than that.  Well, perhaps you can as Mamman Sani and Tropikal Camel actually met at the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda!

Let's hope this single representative of the rest of the album, 'Nijerusalem' - eight tracks including a 'Nomadic (Dub)' [Ed. can't wait for that] so get your orders in now for the vinyl coming in September. 

Artist: Mamman Sani & Tropikal Camel 

Title:  Nomadic

Release date: 10th July, 2024

Label: Batov Records 

Cat. No: BTR100-1

Format:  Digital / Bandcamp

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It is what it says on the cover, Kolida are Balkanesque!

With some We Jazz exprimentation (lets say 'Sonnet To Silence' - see review HERE) and some influences from the Middle East (lets say Batov Records compilation to give us a wide range (see review HERE) and there you wll find almost musically and geographically, Kolida's new album.

That's pretty good going for a woodwind duo from Greece (with synths) but we've seen before what Veego Records can do with their other duo, Lefteris Volanis, Dimitris Pagidas on 'Outside The Long Walls' (see review HERE) so i expect the forthcoming album, 'Spirits Of Mauronoros' to be just as intriguing.

Artist: Kolida Babo 
Title:  Kolida Balkanesque / Free For All 
Release date: 10th July, 2024 
Label : Veego Records
Catalog Number :  -
Format:  Digital / Bandcamp  

Tuesday 9 July 2024

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You could say tha Attilio Zanchi is the A to Z of jazz bass and just to proove it, the new album on Mono Jazz is his musical portait of the master of them all, Charles Mingus.

You'll recall that the last release on Mono Jazz was the jazz rarity, 'Chet On Poetry' by legend Chet Baker (see review HERE) which is an amazing piece of jazz history and this new album, is a different take on highlighting another icon, Charles Mingus who is mostly known as a bass player but was also a composer, bandleader and civil rights activist who so happened to play in banks with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Taylor, Lionel Hampton and many, many more in his own bands.

Because Mingus was so good for such a longer period in many styles it'd be difficult to know where to start if you were new to his name or even a long term student; either way, Zanchi and producer Rocco Pandiani have put together not only a top rate band of musicians but also the tracks to paint this picture.

The big track that'll get all the attention of your jazzdance types is the be-bop swing of 'Boogie Stop Shuffle' with big horn section, drum break with Batman theme (original 60s version) style.

The beautiful title track epitomizes what this album is all about and then there's the angular swing of 'Remember Rockefeller At Attica' (political instrumental jazz!), the intriguing 'Fables Of Faubus' (which builds up to solos by Andrea Andreoli and Daniele Nocella) and the lounge love song of 'Sound Of Love' that's warm and cuddly with Attilio caressing his instrument (Ed. can you say that?).

Even the 'Jelly Roll' (Morton) take on trad. New Orlean's is cool. But you can't get cooler than the spiritual 'For Harry Carney' that showcases Gianni Azzali (sax and flute) and Tino Tracann (saprano sax) on the front line.

There's not a bad track on here (as you'd expect) even thought there's nothing from Mingus' 1957 album, 'The Clown' which has one of the creepiest covers in jazz but you can't have it all. 

Zanchi has said, "If I have to make one last record, now that I'm 70, I want it dedicate to Mingus.  In such a poor musical age, his music - in which traditional jazz, classical and contemporary, but also dixieland and 'free' coexist - contains all the 20th century"; Sir, job done to perfecton - Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus you might say. 

PS. great cover artwork/photo which evokes some of Mingus' own LP covers.

PPS. watch out for a DJ Farrapo remix release coming soon (you remember his Afro Art single that came out when Paul 'Jazz Room' Murphy was running the label - amazing).

Artist: Attilio Zanchi 
Title: Mingus Portrait 
Release date: 24th June, 2024 
Label : Mono Jazz
Catalog Number : -
Format : LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

Attilio Zanchi: leader & bass
Gianni Azzali: tenor sax & flute
Tino Tracanna: soprano sax (1/2/5 and 7)
Andrea Andreoli: trombone (1/2/4/5/6/7/8 and 10)
Daniele Nocella: trumpet (1/3/5/6/8 and 9)
Massimo Colombo: piano
Tommy Bradascio: drums

Sunday 7 July 2024

I do love a Chronicle whether its Jazz, Evening or in this case, 'Visions Of The Chronicle' by cherries fan (see artwork), Sai Galaxy.

Since 'Nomalizo' came out (featuring bambam - see review HERE) we've had more space travel planned by the big heads as they put toes on/into the dark side of the moon and manned travel to Mars but the real one to watch on the dancefloor is Sai Galaxy as he takes up on his spaced out disco trips.

Not only that, there's been a meeting of the minds with 'the' Craig Charles as 'Rendezvous' has been included on the 'Trunk Of Funk' compilation on BBE that came out last week (see review HERE) (and in all honesty, is Sai's track 'Hold Me Tonight', featuring Steve Monite, even Afro-funkier?) we've got a whole new EP that's spacey, funky and just disco juicey.

Little surprise that he seems to have little to no difficulty finding vocalists to work with - but wait a minute, 'SaxInSpace' features MsElenous and it's all deep hard sultry sax, plenty of space synths and Horatio Luna on funky bass.  But wait a minute, 'DrumsInSpace (DJ Tool)' is mainly the raw percussive elements and it's a mad as a jazzdance in Birmingham, a basement in Soho and the Rings of Saturn combined (in a drumming circle of course).

And of then there's the just as big matter of 'KeepItMovin' in two versions, featuring the vocals of Nynno and the instrumental.  This is solid space disco funk that's got some Acid Jazz/Brand New Heavies flavas but brought into the Disco3000 timezone - with classic keys and synths.

Don't wait 'til Vol. 4 of Mr. Charles' next 'Trunk Of Funk' comes out and chance your arm on what track he includes, get all four now as the 'Visions Of The Chronicle' - perhaps we need one super long version Sai?  Either way, this release will keep you movin' in all the right directions.

P.S. This artwork is worthy of a 12" release?

Artist:  Sai Galaxy 
Title:  Visions Of The Chronicle ft.Nynno and MsElenous
Release date: 27th June, 2024 
Label : -
Catalog Number :  -
Format: Digital / Bandcamp  

Friday 5 July 2024

The Joseph Malik / Digital Liquid track 'Only Fans' gets a big remix treatment by the only fans that could, X-Press 2!

Well, Ashley Beedle might be on the cards but it's be a while since he, Darren House and Darren Rock were rockin' up at Top Of The Pops with David Byrne doing the chart hit 'Lazy'.

But since Ashley went off to do his own thing (and sometimes teaming up with Yam Who?), the two Darrens (aka Rocky and Diesel) really are X-Press 2 as the pair of them are they're anything but lazy these days having released a  brand new album last year, 'Thee' on Acid Jazz and remixing David Kitt's 'Till The End' (from the album on Warm, (see review HERE) and even more recently, having Jim's 'Phoenix - X-Press 2 On Fire remixes' release to heat up the dancefloor (did you see what they did there?).

And you always worry that a remix of a loved track might not be quite right.  Not with these guys as they clearly love 'Only Fans' as 5 versions get a near endless train of synth funk (in a good way).

A 'Front Room' original, radio edit, instrumental at over 20 minutes all together put you in a dancefloor daze but some of us DJ's don't get close to that front room and get intimate in the back room venues; and the 'Back Room' vocal and instrumental versions are perfect knob twiddle tracks - so much bass 'n' synth for those dark moments.

And did somebody say don't forget the backing vocals, original versions and the video? See review HERE.

Artist: Joseph Malik  

Title:  Only Fans ft. Digital Likquid (X-Press 2 Remixes) 

Release date: 5th July, 2024

Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number : FCLR033

Format :  Digital / Bandcamp

Joseph Malik: Lead vocals, BVs
Darren Morris: Keyboards, percussion
Daniel Walls: Bass, synth
Jo Wallace: BVs

As an accompaniment to the amazing J-Jazz 'Free and Modern Jazz Albums From Japan 1954 - 1988' book by Tony Higgins and Mike Peden, BBE have gone the extra mile and produced a compilation CD of even more J-Jazz goodness.

So what started out a specialist project in 2018 as a compilation, has grown into its own 'genre' of rare and exclusive Japanes jazz that only 'heads' like Higgins and Peden have the knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to get this documented for a far wider audience that the music (some very limited vinyl/some CD only) re-mastered and onto brand new vinyl; with the obligatory OBI strips.

After 28 albums, where could/what more could our intrepid j-jazzers do? Well this tomb of a book is the answer and it's definitely pièce de résistance (it's the same in Japanese apparently) at 400 large format pages and cover the golden era of Japanese jazz post war when the Japan were on a huge economic and cultural up-swing.  Initially the jazz musicians were thought of mere copyists but as more US musicians toured Japan, notably with the release in 1962 of The Horace Silver Quintet's 'The Tokyo Blues' (the one with the Japanese ladies on the cover), they could see that there was something special going on.   And if you still think Horace Silver is 'Hard Bop' - check out the CD/digital download that starts with Tohru Aizawa Quartet's monster 'Philosopher's Stone'.

Understandably, there's a small limited print run of 2000 copies so don't delay to get your mits on this unique book.

NoteThe book now comes with a digital download of the accompanying CD. If you have previously pre-ordered the book and would like the digital download of the album, please contact us for a download once the book is released.

Artist: Higgins / Peden 

Title:  J Jazz - Free and Modern Jazz Albums From Japan 1954 - 1988 (BOOK)

Release date: 5th July, 2024

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE634  Order from Bandcamp 


Coincidence is amazing sometimes isn't it? There we are at the big festival this weekend and I overhear someone say, "Craig Charles plays all the best remixes on his Funk & Soul show" and the next day, we get 19 tracks on the The Craig Charles Trunk Of Funk Vol. 3 compilation.

It hasn't been that long since Craig interviewed Ramrock Records' Jo Wallace for their 10 year anniversay Trunk Of Funk mix and whilst there's no Ramrock artists, he's plucked out a couple of BBEs, Roy Ayers 'Tarzan' and Sly Johnson's 'Trust Me' (from the album, '55.4')

And if you've got any of Craig's previous compilations (or listened to his Radio shows), this is more of the same high quality soul, jazz, disco, funk, hip-hop, gospel and house along with those exclusive 'Trunk of Funk' remixes.

Particularly, putting life back into Beggar & Co's 'Somebody Help Me Out' (as your grandparents - or Surfin' Dave), Smoove (he's done so many) update of 'Mercy' by The Third Degree and The New Mastersounds' 'Watchu Want'.

There's many more and tracks from his many favourite artists/band/vocalists like Kylie Auldist, The Nextmen Dave Lee & Omar that fit in with diggers delights like Sunlightsquare's cover of 'I Thought It Was You' (as your grandparents again), The Harlem Gospel Travelers and new future stars Sai Galaxy (watch out for new release 'Keep It Movin') and She, She, She.

Mr Charles has come a long way from Red Dawf and Corrie and long may his trunk be full of funk that he's willing to share and let us all enjoy. 

Craig Charles' Funk & Soul Show is on BBC 6 Music Radio every Saturday. 

Artist: Various
Title: The Craig Charles Trunk Of Funk Vol. 3 
Release date: 5th July, 2024
Label : BBE Music
Catalog Number : BBE764
Format: Vinyl 2xLP / Digital / Bandcamp  

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Black Diamond are not the type to be re-arranging deck chairs on their own Titanic as this new jazz album sails into port with all the passengers and crew fully on board.

As unauthodox as any jazz musicians from Chicago, Artie Black and Hunter Diamond (Ed. did you see what they did there; Black Diamond?) lead the group that can be both duo and quartet incarnations.

As a group, as in the single 'Say To Yourself', the busy group has a mix of the modern BadBadNotGood and a good old fashioned waltz; jazzdance? 

'Zeotic' develops into a two-handed jazz-waltz with Black & Diamond seeming dualing for who leads.  Also check the video below for 'Carrying The Stick'.

In addition to the "off-kilter", the first three sides of the double album being the quartet of the sax/flute/woodwinds of Black and Diamond joined by Matt Ulery (double bass) and Neil Hemphill (drums) these guys do dabble in delicate chamber music, minimalist duo meditations on side four.

This album is their debut on We Jazz Records and I expect not thier last; a must to see live if you're in and around the Chicago area this summer (see dates below).

Artist: Black Diamond 
Title: Furniture Of the Mind Rearranging 
Release date: 5th July, 2024
Label : We Jazz Records
Catalog Number : WJLP70
Format: 2xLP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

May 30th Merriman's Playhouse, South Bend Indiana
May 31st Ginger Rabbit Columbus Ohio
June 1st Con Alma, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
June 2nd Hobnob Theater, Butler Pennsylvania
June 4th Ann Arbor Public Library, Ann Arbor Michigan
June 14th The Green Mill, Chicago Illinois
June 15th The Green Mill, Chicago
August 25th Bucktown Arts Fest, Chicago

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The perfect answer to anyone who says there's nothing new in music anymore, this is so fresh, Surfin' Dave has promised to hang up twangin' guitars!

Regular readers will know that we love a Japanese element, whether it's the incredible 400 page ' J Jazz - Free and Modern Jazz Albums From Japan 1954 - 1988', the more focused compilation 'East Wind: Revolutionary Japanese Jazz in the 70s' or 'DJ Notoya Presents Funk Tide: Tokyo Jazz Funk from Electric Bird 1978-87' or even the 'Tokyo Riddim 1976-1985' with features a hose of female vocalist doing J-Reggae/Dancehall!

'Kokoro' is more is that ball park as Middle Eastern/surf rock/pysch/disco as a backing band to Yuirka.  The Japanese singer joined the band on stage and fans have already fallen in loved with their tracks 'Tokyo Midnight, 'Nasnusa' and 'Crossroad Of Love' but there's even more on the eight track album; particularly the synthed belly dancin' 'Empty Hands' and the sing-a-long title track and 60s sounding J-pop, 'Halilim Halilim'.

If you're happy with the Batov 7" release series or the Middle Eastern Grooves compilation (see review HERE), you're going to love this even more.  

Batov's DJ Kobayashi recently featured Wah Wah 45s Dom Servini (more on WeWah25 to come) but it'd be cool to see him take on DJ Notoya - that'd be heavyweigh sound clash.

Artist: Sababa 5 & Yurika

Title: Kokoro

Release date: 5th July, 2024

Label: Batov Records 

Cat. No: BTR098

Format: LP Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp

Monday 1 July 2024

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If there's one modern surf album you need this year, this is it!  In fact, it's the type of album that could change your life!

The cover looks dodgy?  A bit 70s Greek holiday.  Or even Scandavian?  But what's that at the bottom, "The neo-surfterranean sound of Or Kantor"!  Well it's all those cross genre surf meets Morricone/OST to Batov Records to Astake's Ethio jazz as leftfield Balearic soft rocks off baby.

Crazy to find that Or is a London based painter and tattooist.and we're told that the music reflects his artwork of Mediterranen Sea inspired beaches and small towns.

Not sure I'd want Or to permanently mark my skin but 12 track album (not a bad 'un amongst 'em) has left a mark on me; the first vocal track is a bit of a surprise 'Rising Tide' which goes a bit more Hank Marvin 60s but he sounds more like Nick Cave than Cliff.

It's going to be 'Album of the Week' all over as the new the South East Asian psych funk has had it's day and it's time to move to Hoxton (and anywhere else that's trendy with it's own sea side view, twangy guitars and big organs.

Expect to hear this at the Chilled Cider festival as it overlooks the Atlantic all the way to the Brasilian coast; the Med is on your left.  Andrew Weatherall would have loved this.

Artist: Or Kantor
Title:  Sarda Sarda
Release date: 28th July, 2024 
Label : Anova Music
Catalog Number :  -
Format:  LP / Digital / Bandcamp