Wednesday 10 July 2024

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It is what it says on the cover, Kolida are Balkanesque!

With some We Jazz exprimentation (lets say 'Sonnet To Silence' - see review HERE) and some influences from the Middle East (lets say Batov Records compilation to give us a wide range (see review HERE) and there you wll find almost musically and geographically, Kolida's new album.

That's pretty good going for a woodwind duo from Greece (with synths) but we've seen before what Veego Records can do with their other duo, Lefteris Volanis, Dimitris Pagidas on 'Outside The Long Walls' (see review HERE) so i expect the forthcoming album, 'Spirits Of Mauronoros' to be just as intriguing.

Artist: Kolida Babo 
Title:  Kolida Balkanesque / Free For All 
Release date: 10th July, 2024 
Label : Veego Records
Catalog Number :  -
Format:  Digital / Bandcamp  


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