Monday 1 July 2024

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If there's one modern surf album you need this year, this is it!  In fact, it's the type of album that could change your life!

The cover looks dodgy?  A bit 70s Greek holiday.  Or even Scandavian?  But what's that at the bottom, "The neo-surfterranean sound of Or Kantor"!  Well it's all those cross genre surf meets Morricone/OST to Batov Records to Astake's Ethio jazz as leftfield Balearic soft rocks off baby.

Crazy to find that Or is a London based painter and tattooist.and we're told that the music reflects his artwork of Mediterranen Sea inspired beaches and small towns.

Not sure I'd want Or to permanently mark my skin but 12 track album (not a bad 'un amongst 'em) has left a mark on me; the first vocal track is a bit of a surprise 'Rising Tide' which goes a bit more Hank Marvin 60s but he sounds more like Nick Cave than Cliff.

It's going to be 'Album of the Week' all over as the new the South East Asian psych funk has had it's day and it's time to move to Hoxton (and anywhere else that's trendy with it's own sea side view, twangy guitars and big organs.

Expect to hear this at the Chilled Cider festival as it overlooks the Atlantic all the way to the Brasilian coast; the Med is on your left.  Andrew Weatherall would have loved this.

Artist: Or Kantor
Title:  Sarda Sarda
Release date: 28th July, 2024 
Label : Anova Music
Catalog Number :  -
Format:  LP / Digital / Bandcamp  


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