Wednesday 10 July 2024

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So, you've got your Desert Boots ready to go to WOMAD festival but make sure you pack the latest digital single from Batov Records.

Batov Records could have filled my WOMAD (25-28th July, Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Whiltshire) mixtape on their own (especially after Sababa 5 & Yurika's 'Kokoro' - see review HERE) but this latest offering is a bit sideways for the being the sneak previous of a forthcoming album from Mamman Sani (synths) and Tropical Camel (assorted electronics).

'Nomadic' is a Middle Eastern reggaefied groover, a bit like their version of William Onyeabor, and you can't get more WOMAD than that.  Well, perhaps you can as Mamman Sani and Tropikal Camel actually met at the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda!

Let's hope this single representative of the rest of the album, 'Nijerusalem' - eight tracks including a 'Nomadic (Dub)' [Ed. can't wait for that] so get your orders in now for the vinyl coming in September. 

Artist: Mamman Sani & Tropikal Camel 

Title:  Nomadic

Release date: 10th July, 2024

Label: Batov Records 

Cat. No: BTR100-1

Format:  Digital / Bandcamp


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