Sunday 7 July 2024

I do love a Chronicle whether its Jazz, Evening or in this case, 'Visions Of The Chronicle' by cherries fan (see artwork), Sai Galaxy.

Since 'Nomalizo' came out (featuring bambam - see review HERE) we've had more space travel planned by the big heads as they put toes on/into the dark side of the moon and manned travel to Mars but the real one to watch on the dancefloor is Sai Galaxy as he takes up on his spaced out disco trips.

Not only that, there's been a meeting of the minds with 'the' Craig Charles as 'Rendezvous' has been included on the 'Trunk Of Funk' compilation on BBE that came out last week (see review HERE) (and in all honesty, is Sai's track 'Hold Me Tonight', featuring Steve Monite, even Afro-funkier?) we've got a whole new EP that's spacey, funky and just disco juicey.

Little surprise that he seems to have little to no difficulty finding vocalists to work with - but wait a minute, 'SaxInSpace' features MsElenous and it's all deep hard sultry sax, plenty of space synths and Horatio Luna on funky bass.  But wait a minute, 'DrumsInSpace (DJ Tool)' is mainly the raw percussive elements and it's a mad as a jazzdance in Birmingham, a basement in Soho and the Rings of Saturn combined (in a drumming circle of course).

And of then there's the just as big matter of 'KeepItMovin' in two versions, featuring the vocals of Nynno and the instrumental.  This is solid space disco funk that's got some Acid Jazz/Brand New Heavies flavas but brought into the Disco3000 timezone - with classic keys and synths.

Don't wait 'til Vol. 4 of Mr. Charles' next 'Trunk Of Funk' comes out and chance your arm on what track he includes, get all four now as the 'Visions Of The Chronicle' - perhaps we need one super long version Sai?  Either way, this release will keep you movin' in all the right directions.

P.S. This artwork is worthy of a 12" release?

Artist:  Sai Galaxy 
Title:  Visions Of The Chronicle ft.Nynno and MsElenous
Release date: 27th June, 2024 
Label : -
Catalog Number :  -
Format: Digital / Bandcamp  


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