Friday 5 July 2024

As an accompaniment to the amazing J-Jazz 'Free and Modern Jazz Albums From Japan 1954 - 1988' book by Tony Higgins and Mike Peden, BBE have gone the extra mile and produced a compilation CD of even more J-Jazz goodness.

So what started out a specialist project in 2018 as a compilation, has grown into its own 'genre' of rare and exclusive Japanes jazz that only 'heads' like Higgins and Peden have the knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to get this documented for a far wider audience that the music (some very limited vinyl/some CD only) re-mastered and onto brand new vinyl; with the obligatory OBI strips.

After 28 albums, where could/what more could our intrepid j-jazzers do? Well this tomb of a book is the answer and it's definitely pièce de résistance (it's the same in Japanese apparently) at 400 large format pages and cover the golden era of Japanese jazz post war when the Japan were on a huge economic and cultural up-swing.  Initially the jazz musicians were thought of mere copyists but as more US musicians toured Japan, notably with the release in 1962 of The Horace Silver Quintet's 'The Tokyo Blues' (the one with the Japanese ladies on the cover), they could see that there was something special going on.   And if you still think Horace Silver is 'Hard Bop' - check out the CD/digital download that starts with Tohru Aizawa Quartet's monster 'Philosopher's Stone'.

Understandably, there's a small limited print run of 2000 copies so don't delay to get your mits on this unique book.

NoteThe book now comes with a digital download of the accompanying CD. If you have previously pre-ordered the book and would like the digital download of the album, please contact us for a download once the book is released.

Artist: Higgins / Peden 

Title:  J Jazz - Free and Modern Jazz Albums From Japan 1954 - 1988 (BOOK)

Release date: 5th July, 2024

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE634  Order from Bandcamp 



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