Friday 21 July 2023

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It's self apparent to Soul Liberation's question posed by the title of their album, 'Who Are You'? as you don't have to be Richard Osman to know the answer.

It's soul, it's gospel, it's BeeGees choir, it's slow funk, it's Shalamar revival and it's all in praise of a higher spirit.  Apparently, this is the second album as they are dedicated to former gang leader/turner preacher Tom Skinner's Christian ministry and play over 250 gigs a year!

If I had the choice between this and, say, one of BBE's other recent releases like Rahaan Presents The Ones (see review HERE), I'd go for 'We Are The Ones' but then if you've grown up with this soul flavoured soundtrack, tracks like 'Father We Praise You' (the closing track) and you're looking for enlightenment, this album is probably what you're looking for.

And why does it sound so retro, it was originally recorded in 1982 but with the remastering, it sounds like brand new and if you get over the title of 'Touch Me Again', it's the stand-out track and it's the one for Sunday sessions the world over; especially as it's got the George Benson '82 riff. 

I prefer the more denominally neutral 'Heavenly Place' or the funked up 80s bassline of 'Send Me' than the all-in 'Blessed'.

This album was record pre-'the happy clappy god-squad' so it's definitely got deep soul and clearly these guys are dedicated and super skilled musicians so you can see why the original release (now very rare) is much sort after but this re-issue would be the one to get. 

Artist: Soul Liberation

Title: Who Are You

Release date: 21st July, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE294 Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp 


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