Thursday 27 July 2023

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I can't imagine how many records/tracks Robert Owens has appeared on but what you can be 100% sure about is that when you see his name, you're guaranteed that his performance is superb.

Not only that, because of his pre-eminence as 'the voice of house music', he's got a lot of reputation to uphold.  So when CJ Cooper, [deep breath] the Radio Show host -
, producer, remixer and DJ at Festivals and clubs including LGBT+ favourite, The Eagle Taven, alongside Horse Meat Disco, presented Owens with the track 'Live Love Give' to consider, the pair of them knew that this is an anthem for the summer soul-house vibes all around the world; Inverness to Ibiza, 'Frisco to Disco, etc. And so did F*CLR for that matter.

'Live Love Give' is getting lots of radio airtime but you know that the YATM office likes a dub and there's an instrumental too! Big keys and space synths, it's like a modern day Lonnie Liston Smith ready to expand your mind and dancing feet.

Forever we love you Robert and I shudder to think how good a North Street West remix would be; but that's (possibly) for another day - in the meantime, Live, Love, Give.

Artist: CJ Cooper feat. Robert Owens

Title: Live Love Give

Release date: 28th July, 2023

Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number : FCLR025

Format :  Digital / Bandcamp


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