Friday 21 July 2023

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No wonder this was a cult band in Melbourne but as fans of Unsafe/Hard Return/Jack Chuter, 10 minutes of 'Extrapolate 01 (live)' is a gentle introduction to the work of High Pass Filter and La Sape Records retrospective compilation, 'Nice Coordinated Outfit - Selected Recordings 1997-2005'.  

Not all of the 17 tracks are that long; 'Extrapolate 02 (Live)' and 'Deepwater' are close but most of this avant-garde-dub-electronica avoids the excesses of shoegaze/minimal techno.  

Really like the trombone on both versions of 'Extrapolate', the 'out-there' hip-hop of 'Meep', the Japanese peace garden skratchin' of 'Horn Please' and 'E.S.N' particulary stands out as it sounds like a revival of Laswell/Shadow/Miles for jazzy, dub trip hop.

Somewhat strange that a group formed in Melbourne that was active from 1995–2006 with obvious Aphex Twin/Autechre/Sherwood leanings sounds so fresh and now; especially as it's a band we've not heard of in the UK. 
Totaly different to what we've heard from La Sape previously with 'Marseille Movement' by David Versace that came out in spring this year (see review HERE) so fair play to them as High Pass Filter is out on Double LP/Digital.

And even if your summer sport is dominated by Aussies and The Ashes, Matilda footie or even 'Bloody Damon Heta, there's definitely enough to get dressed with a 'Nice Coordinated Outfit' that's will make you forgive 'em.

Artist: High Pass Filter

Title: Nice Coordinated Outfit - Selected Recordings 1997-2005 

Release date: 21st July, 2023

Label La Sape Records

Format/Cat. No. : 2xLP / Digital / Bandcamp


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