Tuesday 18 July 2023

Ashley Slater has a pretty impressive history in music (I think he's even been on Top Of The Pops in Freak Power!) and it's a pretty impressive link with his hit of 20 years ago it was all about 'Private Sunshine' with my old mate, Jazz Room legend Paul Murphy on the dub remix.

So I'm not at all surprised that we find that, after a chance meeting between Warriors Of The Dystotheque and Mr. Slater, they've produced a downtempo groover in 'Be My Star' that's be the star of any set warm-up/close out.The cool of this is still as hot as Café del Mar mocca as we then get into the 'instrumental' 'Beachside Drive' synth cruisin' in the Californian/Florida sunshine.

Totally beautiful and it's going to hit radio shows as hard as WotD's last big hit, 'Anthropause' so hat's off to DSPPR records label Boss Chris Coco (Ibiza, Blue Room etc) and watch out for a new album called, wait for it, 'It's A Beautiful Thing'.

Artist: Warriors of the Dystotheque ft. Ashley Slater (Freak Power) 

Title: Be My Star / Beachside Drive 

Release date: 18th July, 2023

Label : DSPPR .

Catalog Number : DSPPR069

Format :  Digital / Bandcamp


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