Friday 21 July 2023

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Sara De Sanctis finds her fourth single on the Colour & Pitch label; does it raise the question, has she been led astray?

Well, the actual track is not your typical release on the label as it's well outside the "house" sound as it's a mournful song about feelings of "obession, loss and disorientation" which does sound a bit gloomy.  That said, it's so well produced (by Jacob Bright, mastered by Shawn Joseph) I can see a cross-over onto daytime radio; especially as it's got a touch of gospel choir/organ going on.

And with that intensity, David Marston's vocal and instrumental remixes have taken that original track to the dancefloor of the 2-step/UKG era with a bit of a modern update.  Very different to David's last release, 'Feeling You' on his own label, Kindness of Bearer recordings or his collaboration with Lady Alma and DJ Rob Paine on 'All The Way Far Away' that came out on BBE Music or his remix with Will Sumsuch of Tibor Dragan's 'Follow The Path' (also on Colour & Pitch).

The prolific Richard Earnshaw (last seen with a remix of Gavin Holligan's When Boys Become Men (stay tuned for more news on this one) got his hands on Sara's previous single, 'Fading' (also Colour & Pitch - see below) so this might not be the last remix you hear of an 'Astray' remix?

Artist: Sara De Santis

Title: Astray (inc. David Marston Remix) 

Release date: 21st July, 2023

Label: Colour & Pitch

Cat. No: CAP091

Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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