Friday 21 July 2023

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Who would have thought that two foundling members of a Mexican women's dance collective, would have the most talked about EP coming out on Brooklyn's Toucan Sounds label?

Well, that's what we have with Estefani Brolo and Ana Rizo, collectively known as BROLORIZO (did you see what they did there?) have done.

Fans like Sumsuch have already got very excited about the track 'Sirena' (quite rightly so) but could 'Agua Bendita' be a Latin-disco version of 'Ingwe' (Muzari & Gugupash - see review HERE) with it's jazz keys and slightly dubbed out electric guitar? Well, I'm saying so and i'm not going to be the only one.

Expect New Yorkers that love this sound like Mr Vega, Nickodemus, Eli Escobar et al will be playing this all summer.  But it'll be interesting to see if the uptempo and deeper 'Sirena' gets the attention with it's big Baleraic guitar solo.

With artwork that looks like one of those SM vids of paint on oil dips with the back end of a large fish (possibly carp), it all adds to the fusion.

Those who Insta can see more at @brolorizo and if you need check out more Toucan Sounds, there's no better place than their Brandon Markell Holmes & Toribio release, 'Go Ahead' (see review HERE)


Title: Agua Bendita feat. Lino Bastos

Release date: 21st July, 2023

Label: Toucan Sounds

Cat. No: YTCW106

Format:  Digital / Bandcamp


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