Thursday 18 May 2023

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I'm reliably informed that Brooklyn is the place to be, well "we all live in Brooklyn, baby" after all. And if you want so be super trendy, you'll want an address in Williamsburg; which is exactly where Toucan Sounds are and they're currently with Brandon Markell Holmes and producer Toribio to 'Go Ahead'.

Brandon has got a great Chicago soulful voice that's so suited to the deep house scene and he's worked with some big names in his 3 years with Toucan Sounds, like musclecars (as in the big Jazzanova remix from January this year, and recently repressed - see review HERE), Anthony Nicolson, Dee Diggs and most recently, 'legend' Derrick Carter and Rogue Vogue.

The rap on the track is by Fat Tony and it's not an average token 'rap for rap sake' as the label indicates, it has an old skool quality to it.  

The single comes with the original version as as slow grind upbeat soul jazzer; it grooves along for over 6 minutes and then they fade the keys solo: we need a proper full length of this one!

And one of our favourite producers/remixes that crosses the genre identities of deep house and beats, Byron The Aquarius who picks up on the "Back Hand" adds some ping-pong bounce and does a Theo Parrish; but a short version!

There's a bonus track, 'Losing Side' by Brandon and Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue just to show how talented he is.  

There's definitely no losing sides to this game of 2 halves with radio and clean edits. 

Colour & Pitch would have loved to have had this one but it you want to be in the place to be, the release party is in Brooklyn on 25th May at the fabulous, The Sultan Rooms' rooftop with both Brandon and Byron doing live performances; now that's a party.

Artist: Brandon Markell Holmes & Toribio 

Title: Go Ahead with Byron The Aquarious Remix

Release date: 30th May, 2023

Label: Toucan Sounds

Cat. No: YTCW098

Format: Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp


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