Sunday 14 May 2023

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As you may have seen elsewhere, I have already pronounced this album is "BIG".

There's a number of reasons for this confident assertion as it was original a seven track album released by Dele Sosimi on Wah Wah 45s in 2015.  Back then it was a mere 7 tracks and featured the realitively unknown Tamar Osborn (and is now better known as leader of Tamar Colocutor and has appeared with world star plus jazzers like Emma-Jean Thackray, BunnDebrettQuintett, Emanative and Liz Elensky) and was produced/mixed by Ben Lamdin (aka Nostalgia 77).

As a former 'pupil' of Fela Kuti the album had many instant hits like 'E Go Betta', 'You No Fit Touch Am', 'Where We Want Be' and 'I Don't Care'.

Such was the attention, the Deluxe Edition re-issue features the original tracks together with previously unreleased and classic remixes, edits and dubs; including Dele's new best mate, Medler (the 'You No Fit Touch Am' remix got these two together and it's a match made at 'The Shrine' so to speak) together with the whole Prince Fatty vs. Nostalgia 77 dub album and old favourites like Modified Man, Paper Tiger and DJ Khalab.

Dele's just had a BIG 60th birthday bash at the Jazz Cafe and the album that came out last month as Dele Sosimi & The Estuary 21, 'The Confluence' (see review HERE) so it's worth checking out what is now a 27 track option!

Now that is BIG! 

Artist: Dele Sosimi 

Release: You No Fit Touch Am (Deluxe Edition) 

Release Date: 12th May, 2023

Label: Wah Wah 45s

Catalog Number: Digital / BANDCAMP


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