Friday 19 May 2023

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Those that have recently picked up on Batov Records via the outstanding releases by the mighty Sababa 5 will be more than interested in this new compilation, 'Middle Eastern Grooves' celebrating Batov's history from 2015 - 2023 that's been selected by label co-founder DJ Kobayashi.
This 2xLP set will also appeal to a even wider audience as it features a mix of new and old plus some previously unreleased tracks; like a proper label compilation. 
It's great if you're into your World funk surf rock and it stretches further as there's lots of hip-hoppy/psych going on like the monsters 'Saved From The Jazz' by Eje Eje (can you be post-Bongo Rock? See review of latest re-issue of album that's now 50 years old, HERE) and Baharat's 'Parsley Disco' or the eastern edge, 'Nasnusa' by Sababa 5 featurig Yurika.
There's no Sandman Project (see review HERE) but you get previously released tracks from Kutiman, Sababa 5, Boom Pam (who have just released thier album 'Royal' just in time for Charlie III), Şatellites and the pop-cornesque 'Six' by Romano.
This is the kind of album that can change your summer holiday destination choice and puting your big toe into the sea/pool/waters of the Middle East (it's a big catchment area) or just catch DJ Kobayashi as he's regularly at trend hot beds like Brilliant Corners and Spiritland plus he's got a bi-weekly show on Soho Radio too!

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Middle Eastern Grooves

Release date: 19th May, 2023

Label: Batov Records 

Cat. No: BTR

Format: 2xLP / Digital / Bandcamp


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