Thursday 18 May 2023

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Peter Kruder will be known as half of Kruder and Dorfmeister or even a third of Voom:Voom but these are probably just the best known of many collaboration he's had.

Kruder's latest with Roberto Di Gioia came about as they have previously worked together before, most notably on DJ Hell's 'Teufelswerk' (more on the 'Day' side of things as opposed to 'Night') as they developed their own style of mininimal/ambient mode.

That was back in 2019 so this album has been a while in the making as jazz pianist/multi-instrumentalist Di Gioia is constantly busy as he can flit between record labels such as German institutions ACT and Compost plus the internationals Warner Music and Verve.

The first single, 'Clock Tick Tock' is classical minimalism Kruder-ed. and 'Bella Arp' would be a brilliant alt. version to the theme tune of Randall & Hopkirk (Dec'd)..."can you hear me Jeff?" 

This album does concentrate on the downtempo with tracks like 'Kusine Limusene', 'Rache' (with added sense of foreboding) and 'Sequenz' all have that OST theme of mysterious synth and footstep keys, comparisions have been drawn with the recently passed Ryuichi Sakamoto who excelled in this area.  But even he would have loved 'No Love On The Enterprise' (great title) and 'Meteoriten Schluckauf' for thier miniminal electronic romanticism. 

Kruder's own 'Chordal'/'Law Of Return' (2009) was an indication of where his dancefloor vs. Tchaikovshy would go but don't suppose he'd thought it could take us to „————————„, which kind of makes it even more special in a way.

If you enjoyed LILAMORS' 'Home' at the start of Sumsuch's May mix (see link below), you'll find „————————„ just as mesmorisingly cool; a must for the summer.

Artist: Peter Kruder & Roberto Di Gioia

Title: „————————„

Release date : 19th May, 2023

Label : Peyo Records

Catalog Number :  

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp


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