Saturday 27 May 2023

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It's all about the drum and master of the Balearic house, Kiko Navarro, gets his mates DJ Pippi and Willie Graff to work their magic on this EP for guaranteed dancefloor madness.

Both 'N' Fumbei' and the even deeper Jungle synthed disco of 'Esanah' are Afro-Latin tracks that you can spin from beach to jazz house.

But the 'bonus' track is even cooler as it's the beat "dub" 'N'Funbeats' that should only be played in a darkened backroom disco with all the other illict grooves: so raw it'll make chafing a pleasure - for serious dancers only; and for you nerds, there's a slightest of references to Yello's 'The Race'.

If you're used to DJ Pippi and Willie Graff's more downtempo grooves you'll need to up the tempo to more like fans of Kiko Navarro's 'You Take Over' with the Osunlade remixes (see review HERE) and the incredible Beatkozina.Abirah Shah 'Nusrat Passion' (see review HERE) you'll going to love this too!

Artist: Kiko Navarro, DJ Pippi, Willie Graff 

Title: Tempistica Mistica 

Release Date : 26th May, 2023

Catalog Number : AFTNE055

Label : Afroterraneo

Format: 12" / Digital


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