Friday 5 May 2023

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Fans of Detroit's Rocksteady Disco label have been looking forward to today to finally getting their hands on Eddie Logix's 4-track EP, 'Flight Risk'.

If you've ever been spanked on the dance floor by Jimmy "Bo" Horne or jazz carnivaled by Azymuth, 'Sky Dive' has some of the energy to keep you movin' all nite long. 

Label boss and bass player, Peter Croce, makes an appearance on 'Mount Juniper' and he's known for pleasing the "Flute Gang" (squad member No. 3 me, solid at the back end) and we get satifsfied with 'Home Suite' that's got a sexy sax solo to match the stuttering Latin beats - are those cop whistles at the end or is that East London in the house at the Lyceum?

If you've got the Sol Power All-stars tribute 12" to Cymande, 'Nyah-Rock' (also on Rocksteady Disco - see review HERE), you'll know that they know their Afrobeat and 'Missing Pixels' throws in some steel pans; could it be better than 'Sky Dive'?

I mentioned Mr PC adds bass to 'Mount Juniper' and there's some electric guitar from Tim Barrett so get ready for Balearic dub/bizzness on the shores of Lake Michigan with the "Flute Gang" getting on down.

On a cautionary note, real world sky diving is dangerous and should never be done to a soundtrack by Eddie Logix, but if you're out on the town and the DJ has this 12", you're going to be perfectly safe and not listed as a 'Flight Risk'.

Artist: Eddie Logix

Title: Flight Risk EP

Release date: 5th May, 2023

Label : Rocksteady Disco 

Catalog Number : Vinyl 12" / Digital / Bandcamp 


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